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Cocky Kingdom - Page 12 - Monster on the Menu - By Foxy444 - Overview
It was early in the morning and you were sitting back on your couch with a content sigh, patiently waiting for your guests to arrive.

To most you were a simple nobody, just an average joe nobody would look twice at, and as of last week a volunteer for the new Extraspecies Homestay project to help monster people otherwise known as liminals intigrate into society.

In reality though, you were anything but an 'average joe'. As a matter of fact, you were one of these liminals, a very special kind known as a cockvora that was highly feared by almost all who knew of your kind.

"Mmmph!Mph!" And for good reason as poor Ms Smith, coordinator of the Culture exchange, was discovering for herself as the upper half of her body was slurped on by your cock. At the same time, her pussy and asshole were ruthlessly pounded by a pair of smaller cocks, her belly bloated with cum oozing out between her thighs.

The woman had showed up earlier, claiming to be checking your place to nake sure it was suitable for a homestay. However, all she really did was steal some food and a lot of coffee before saying that your liminal house guest would be arriving shortly as she tried to leave.

Emphasis on tried.

"You're lucky you're gonna be useful later, otherwise i'd be turning you into my ball batter right now," You tell the woman while blowing yet another load into her, before sucking her down all the way into your sack. "I'll have fun breaking you down, but first-"

*Ding dong*

"Time to meet my new friend."
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