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With great size comes great responsibility - Page 1 - With great size comes great responsibility - By M4st3r0fb41t - Overview
Welcome to my first interactive! Before you continue, please briefly read the rules below:

1. This is a Male Macro only interactive! Micros may be either male or female, though keeping the gender of Micros ambiguous is prefered.
2. This is a second person perspective story. Both Macro and Micro POV is allowed, but always in second person.
3. Featured content along a story path is listed as tags at the starting chapter. Any additions not included in those tags are marked at the start of a chapter.
4. No explicit character death! Gore, graphic digestion, hard crush and so on are prohibited. Ambiguous endings or bad ends without death are, however, allowed.

Being a giant can be tough: Just navigating carefully in a city is stressful. Fabric for clothes that's tough enough for you to wear is expensive, so covering yourself beyond a bare minimum is a luxury. In fact, having privacy at all is difficult when you're taller than most houses around you. And when there are so many tinies swarming around you, it's only fair to have them, let's just say "help you out" with some of your needs, right?~

Of course, if you're a tiny things can be both exciting or terrifying for you when you're around a giant, depending on your attitude. After all, being at the wrong place at the right time can lead to all sorts of misadventures. Though asking politely can get you all sorts of places as well.~

Now, would you happen to be a Giant or a Tiny?
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