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Pokemon giantess girl vore - Page 61 - Make your way inside the milkshake - By Beatboy - Overview
The milkshake is the most interesting one for you so you make your way to the top of it. After dropping down you land inside of the drink and take a drop of it. It tastes like vanilla! It tastes amazing so you continue drinking some of the shake as the worker hands it out to the customer.
The person who ordered the milkshake is Bianca!
She's happy as always and makes her way over to the stands.
She then settles down and begins drinking through her straw. It doesn't really affect you but the water level is slowly going down. You can see by her facial expressions that she's fully enjoying her treat.
During all of that you also watch Elesa's show as there's not much else you can do here.
Halfway into the performance you've almost reached the bottom of the milkshake meaning that you'll probably go down her throat with the next swig.

And so the time finally comes. She gets back to her milkshake and starts drinking again. The flow takes a hold of you as you get sucked into the straw. The liquid then carries you up to her awaiting mouth which slurps you right in. In a matter of seconds you get washed down her throat.


Your body flows down easily and you land in a pool of acids in her stomach. Your vision is kinda blurry as she continues drinking her milkshake but you're able to see what else is in her stomach. There's some half digested food she probably had for lunch. Not much left of it though.
After half a minute later she finally finished her drink and discards the cup into the trash can.

Bianca:"Mmm, you gotta love a nice vanilla milkshake."

While you're stuck in her stomach she casually continues watching Elesa's performance.
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