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Pokemon giantess girl vore - Page 64 - Go to Serena's table - By Beatboy - Overview
You make your way over to Serena's table. Just before you begin climbing it you notice that there's somebody else here and Serena's in an heated argument with that person!
You hurry an make it up to the top. And... well... now it kinda makes sense why they are arguing. The person she's arguing with is Miette, her performer rival.

Miette:" Could it be that you're jealous because of my success? The only thing I need to beat you at now is a certain trainer~"

Serena:" I'm NOT jealous and *blushes* you can't really beat me anymore in the other competition..."

Miette:" What do you mean I ca-... YOU MADE PROGRESS?!?"

Serena:" I kissed him... on the lips."

Miette:" Well that's a shame, now we're tied huh? Have you got another competition in mind?"

Serena:" No sadly not."

The exact moment these words passed Serena's lips, she noticed a little something in the corner of her eye. As she looked down to identify it she noticed you and a slight grin came onto her face.

Miette:" If you want to we can try to-"


Miette:"Why did you interrupt me?"

Serena:"How about we let this tiny decide who he wants to be eaten by as our last challenge."

Miette:"That sounds quite interesting, okay little guy, who do you want to be eaten by? By me or by Serena?"

Serena pushes you towards the middle of the table so that your way to both of them is the same length. Sooo, who would you rather be eaten by?
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