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Pokemon giantess girl vore - Page 65 - Miette - By Beatboy - Overview
You decide that you'd rather getting eaten by Miette than by Serena and walk in front of her. Serena's grin from before vanishes and she begins looking peeved. Miette on the other hand has an almost devilish smile on her face and begins licking her lips.

Miette:" Well ,well look at you little morsel! It turns out you do have taste. Let's see if you're tasty as well~."

Serena doesn't comment your decision yet and just keeps giving you that angry look. In the meantime Miette picks you up and brings you up to her face, right in front of her plush lips.

Miette:" Any last words my little snack?"

Without anything else to say you just shake your head.

Miette:" Thanks for the treat~."

Her mouth opens and she slowly begins lowering you into it. After passing her lips she lets go of you and pulls her fingers out again just before her lips close, sealing you inside. You want to make this experience as short as possible and begin wriggling towards her throat. Miette though clearly disagrees with you and her tongue keeps you in the middle of her mouth. She then slightly begins sucking on you and evidently begins savoring your taste as Serena can see by the expression of Miette's face. This goes on for about a minute before Serena's finally had enough.

Serena:" Why aren't you swallowing him? Are you trying to tease me? Just gulp him down already!"

Miette ,clearly amused by Serena's reaction ,begins smirking a little bit. Merely after she tilts her head and you begin sliding towards her throat until


her throat muscles get a hold of you and she swallows you down. You wander down towards your doom as Miette traces the bulge you make on the outside until you fall down into her stomach. You look around the giant pool of gastric acid and see leftovers of her breakfast. Seems like you were the dessert...
Satisfied she gives her belly a little pat and looks at Serena.
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