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Pokemon giantess girl vore - Page 66 - ~Digestion~ - By Beatboy - Overview
Miette:" I wasn't trying to tease you or anything he was just too tasty to gulp him down. Seeing that I won our little competition by eating him just added to the experience.~"

Serena:" I hate to admit it but... you won. Why did he stay here anyway? Wouldn't it have been way smarter to just jump off the table or something? Now he's getting digested alive."

Miette:" We probably would've caught him if he tried to escape so it doesn't matter anyway."

Serena:" I didn't think that far to be honest. haha..."

While they keep their talk going on the outside, you're having quite a few problems inside of Miette. Her acids slowly begin melting you and standing on top of the rest of her breakfast doesn't help either. That said the only thing you can do is wait and let her stomach digest you.
You watch as your body slowly sinks into the acids and parts of you melt away until you finally fall unconscious.

You met your end inside of Miette's system and were completely digested by her to become nothing else than than some nutrients for her body.
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