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Heir to the Throne - Page 34 - “business before pleasure I think, let us hear the proposals for marriages.” - By Trying124 - Overview
The ambassadors from the various kingdoms did their little speeches. Presenting potential arranged marriages. There were three kingdoms that they had proper diplomatic contact with.
From the merchants of the islands of Iskander, the envoy there was in the bright colours of those people. He has a neatly groomed blond beard and a look of slight discomfort passes over his face as he looks at your mother’s belly.
The Iskander people are brave warriors, but only the sea has kept your people from putting them at their rightful place. The maid inside of you let out another gurgle as her flesh is cracked open.

They present a handsome prince to you to be a consort. You look up and down, considering the sparkling blonde of his hair and how it would counterpart your own. Plus he looks impressively muscular though you know that his people are exclusively Prey, so you do not doubt that you are stronger than him.
He flashes slightly as your eyes glance over him and tries to stand more proudly. You send him a discrete smile as the ambassador presents his credentials to the Queen.
Isolde’s face didn’t twitch as the ambassador presented the Prince. Though she glanced quickly over at you.
Ultimately the decision today was merely to have a talk with someone. The actual marriage would require weeks of negotiation. You could always go back if, for example, you want to make it quicker.
Jonah looked at the Prince, who had been introduced as Eric, and whispered, “oh look a proper brainless beauty, I bet he can barely get it up, and all his brains in his ambassador’s head.”
you consider what to do in response.
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