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Xenologue: Predators and Preys I - Page 6 - She doesn't think you're threat. Easy Prey! - By NinjaNomer - Overview
As she's bent over you begin to move and silently look upon her. Her eyes are filled with curiosity as you move in.

"Hey! Are you a duelist too?" She asks innocently as you move in. "Huh?" You place your hands on either side of her face and the smile on her face runs away as confusion takes hold.

"You know, I'm not sur-" You move your mouth in and it opens wide. You cut her off mid-sentence. She lets out a muffled cry as you lift her off her feet, her boots come loose from her feet.


Her head quickly is enveloped as she struggles in your grasp. That pesky swords tumbles from her belt and clatters by for footwear. As you fold her arms into your mouth and stuff her chest in she becomes acquainted with your slobbery insides.


Her legs stop wriggling and stiffen as her rear slides past your mouth, tongue running across her thighs to the ends of her stockings. You drool and slurp on her legs until only the tips of her feet remain sticking at the edge of your mouth.

You savor Mia until you finally swallow her up. You lay back down and pat your swollen Myrmidon filled belly. She's upside down and sloshing around in there with some fight. Your belly gurgles in anticipation.

What do you do?
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