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Xenologue: Predators and Preys I - Page 7 - Your surprise attack paid off. Digest her. (Fatal) - By NinjaNomer - Overview
Mia pushes her hands up to the wall on the stomach.

"That...that was really rude you know!" Mia says loudly as she lays on her back, upside down within the confines of your stomach.

"Why don't you spit me out so we can fight properly! That was a dirty trick!

You press a hand against the outline of the stomach and pushed against her hand before hugging it tightly. You barely heard her but figured it was some kind of belly aching.

"Waaah! She slides into the rising stomach acid. GURRGLE! FIZZ! SQUORCH!

You rub and she barely squirms. The shape of her legs are defined well enough against your belly but they're sliding away inside. It's clear to you her face first position did her in. Her head and chest came across in your hands while the rest seemed to be taking its time digesting.

Groan. Gurgle.

Lazily waiting there, Mia churns up into a slurry until she pads your belly with ambient stomach sounds. The only thing left of her is a sword and a pair of boots. With a content sigh and a little burp you feel stronger.

Level Up!

No one bothered you while you digested the trusting naive woman but she had to come from somewhere right?

What do you do?
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