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Xenologue: Predators and Preys I - Page 9 - Wait for an opportunity. Then strike. (?/F Oral) - By NinjaNomer - Overview
You tell her your name and begin to sit up.

"What an odd-sounding name… But pay me no mind. It is a good name. I see by your attire that you are a traveler. What-”

She extended her arm to you. She trusted you a little too blindly and will now pay for it. You were the danger here.

Lyn lets out a gasp as you pull her down as she tries to help you to your feet. She practically tumbles into your mouth and with one hard swallow her waist and belly sit out of your mouth.

You restrain her legs and suck on your meal, her weapon is soon discarded to the side. She tries to fend you off, but in this position all it does is exhaust her.

The Lady of the Plains is turned into a hard candy until she is a quivering mess that can barely put up a fight. If there's another danger, it's too far away for you to care.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

You eat up her legs, lathering and tasting them until she tumbles into your belly. Satisfied you look at her weapon. You're not sure if you can use it but it looks powerful.

What do you do?
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