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The invisible king - Page 1 - First Page - By geofrey - Overview

You awake with a long yawn, rubbing your eyes and clambering out of bed. You throw some clothes on and give yourself a cursory glance in your small bathroom mirror. You note that you look like yourself, you always expect something to change, but there you are a rather average looking guy, average height, short brown hair and eyes with a normal complexion and a relatively fit body.


You decide to go out and view your kingdom. You give a sigh as the warm bright sun encompasses you and you stretch. Life would be much easier if everyone knew that you ran this kingdom, you would get accolades, praise and adoration. Instead, that all goes to the queen, a figure head, whom you control from the shadows. At least this way of ruling a nation means no-one is going to try and assassinate you, anything goes wrong, the queen gets blamed.


This thought… reassures you. After all, you are still wealthy, completely above the law and free to do anything you want as long as you don’t get accidentally killed while doing it. If you should wish to go into town and eat a woman, you can. You would have to do it privately so that no-one would stop you but even if they did, you always had a couple of lithe guards ready to give their lives for you, hiding in the shadows and willing to help your for fill you rather peculiar desires.


So what will you do on this fine day in your kingdom?

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