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The Worst Knight - Page 2 - A quest that has you raid the great dragon's lair! - By timetodothething - Overview
It was obvious to you, the stories told of dragons gobbling up adventurers so thats going to be the one you go for! You rip the paper off the board and head off on the journey, not even worrying that you left behind your weapons and armor.

After around a days journey you find your way to the great lair. It is a large cave opening high on a cliffside overlooking the city you came from. It leads into a windy cave going down.

Just as you were about to leisurely walts in and become a nice dragon snack. You're stopped by the grunts of a small creature in front of you. A kobold, around half you height, with red scales and it seems to be female. It holds a very pointy stick in your direction while trembling.

Maybe leaving your items behind wasn't a good idea. Since the kobold seems kind of pathetic, you could just walk past. Or maybe you don't want to wait any longer and just end your journey here...
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