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The Worst Knight - Page 4 - To eat you - By timetodothething - Overview
Its your goal after all! You simply tell her that your looking to become her meal. She blinks a few times before finally realizing what you just asked her,

"Ehhhhh? I... well... um... if that's what you want. But its sort of... cramped in my belly..." She stammers out while blushing.

You assure her that since your just food, it won't matter. She lets out a soft sigh as you lie down once again. She grabs your feet and slowly slips them into her soft wet maw. You feel her lick them and begin swallow.

With every swallow theres a loud *glrk!* and she slowly makes her way up your legs. After awhile of gulping you down, you feel your legs and feet enter the pit of her stomach. Your feet touch the hot bubbling acids inside, making you get even more excited. She cocks an eyebrow at how happy you are, but you did say you were just food so she ignores it.

With more inside her than outside, making her way towards your neck, it seems your fate truly is sealed within the confines of her hot steamy belly. Your head finally disappears past her lips and she gives one final gulp. Your whole body is deposited in her tight stomach. She was right, it is cramped! And furthermore, you have to share the stomach with her previous meal thats digesting at the bottom.

She lets out a large belch and groans, leaning on her over sized belly

"There! Kobold food! Happy?" She pouts a little bit, finding the ordeal a little tedious.
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