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Life of prey - Page 12 - He answers. - By Direwolf891 - Overview
He opens the door. You see a 70 year old man hes chubby and thinning grey hair. He is wearin a white work shirt and grey sweat pants. He asks what do you want? in a gruff voice.

You stutter "I would like you to be my pred." He looks you up and down. Then he grabs you and tears your clothes off.

He doesn't care your outside on his porch. He bends you over the railing and takes his 11 inch uncut girthy cock out. He rams it into your tight virgin pussy doesn't care about you being in pain. You gasp "can you take it easy?"

He answers "no, your nothing but meat" As he pulls out and slams it back in. you feel like your being torn apart. He starts to pick up the pace grabbing you by the shoulders. You whimper as he pounds you. He starts to slow down.

He asks how do you want to go?
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