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Life of prey - Page 7 - That night. - By Direwolf891 - Overview
You spent the whole day saying goodbye to your family and friends. Your heart starts fluttering as you wait in your room on your bed. you hear a knock on the door. "come in" you answer.

Your dad enters only wearing boxers and you begin to realize this is real. "you ready" he asks. "yes" you reply.
"Get naked now meal" he demands no longer a person in his eyes just sustenance for his body.

You strip naked you notice your hard as a rock. He takes off his boxers revealing his cock still limp. He takes a step towards you, puts his hands on your shoulders a pushes you down. "First you got to get me hard" he says. You hesitantly grab his cock inch it closer to your lip and take a lick. Its soft and salty. you then put the tip past your lips. He puts his hands behind your head. "that's it" he says softly. He starts moving you back and forth on his cock as you start to feel it get harder and longer. As you start to get used to it he pulls it from your mouth.

"Ok on the bed" He says as he picks you up and lays you down on your stomach. He takes out a bottle of lube and spread it on his cock and puts it on you hole. you jump its cold. then you feel him behind his cock rubbing it on your cheeks. then he pushes in between the cheeks tease your hole as he rubs his cock up and down. Then you feel the tip put pressure slowly it opens your hole to fit his cock. then you feel him enter all the way with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He doesn't let you get used to it being there as your nothing but meat now. He picks up his pace fucking you as hard as he can 5 mins go by and you feel his pace slow but get deeper and then you feel cum hitting your insides. he pulls out with a pop and lays next to you.

"Now how do you want to leave this world? He asks.
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