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Complete Pokedex Project - Page 156 - Dedenne - By syrusalpha88 - Overview
You sit on a bench at an open park, the afternoon sun beams on your face as you rest. The park is pretty barren due to most people being at work, with the exception of the wild Pokemon that like to hang around. They mostly ignore you and do their own thing, or they come up to you for food. There is no rule that says not to feed them, so you usually give them something.

As you are sitting, eyes closed in your own world, you feel something jump on your lap. You open your eyes to see a Dedenne curiously inspecting you. The antenna's on his cheeks move as she sniffs you.

"Hey there buddy." You calmly say, gaining the Dedenne's attention. You pull out an animal cracker from your pack, as the Dedenne's eyes light up in joy. "Here you go." You say as you hand the cracker to it.

"Dene!" They happily cry out as they sit down and munch on the food. As they are eating, you inspect the Dedenne yourself and notice that they are a ________
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