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Complete Pokedex Project - Page 165 - Smeargle Was Tasting You-He's Going To Eat You Next! - By ButterBelly - Overview
Smeargle puts you in his mouth! The saliva coating you is mixed with fresher spit. His little teeth line the inside, and his tongue rolls around you for a moment. It suddenly uncurls and bounces you back to the end of the throat! The throat begins to send you to his belly rather quickly. Muscles push you down, down, down until you get pushed through a sphincter. You land in his stomach with a "splash." The stomach gurgles a bit, and you could have sworn you heard Smeargle burp. Suddenly, you remember. Quickly, you glance around, and find the Pokeball. Thank goodness. You grab onto it the best you can, slimy hands slipping off of it easily. Just then, you remember something else. You're in Smeargle's stomach.
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