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Complete Pokedex Project - Page 211 - You're Not Digesting! - By ButterBelly - Overview
Time passes as you frantically look for an escape in Absol's churning belly, and you are relieved that Absol hasn't digested you yet. The acid still tingles, though. Huh? You could have sworn you've already been through this sphincter, but it's lower than you remember. You try and push yourself through, and successfully are pulled through by some muscles. You are squeezed out of the stomach and into what you realize is the small intestine. Little villi line the whole intestine. You try to avoid touching them, since they tickle.
Absol had realized that bug he swallowed was no ordinary bug, and that it may have not been a bug at all. He would have tried to spit it back up, but he only realized it when he felt it squirm deeper in him. Too deep to spit up. What he swallowed had four limbs... four.. pleasuring limbs. No! He had to hang onto hope that it could escape his body. He would do his best to expel it from his rear when the time came, he would not give into temptation. But it felt so.. nice. Was he.. getting a boner?
After what feels like hours of going through the villi-lined organ, you come across a tighter section of the intestine. You press forward, and are squeezed into the large intestine. After all, no other area in the body would reek of.. you know what. Speaking of which, you hope the stuff your body is covered in is just digestive system grime...
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