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Complete Pokedex Project - Page 212 - Lustful stare - By syrusalpha88 - Overview
"Uh, Vaporeon?" You say, concerned with Vaporeon's shift in attitude. She no longer looks as confused as she did before, now looking at you longingly. Her eyes seem to be lost in thought looking at you, and with the widening smile of hers, you do not want to be a part of those thoughts. "N-Now Vaporeon, don't be rash about this. You don't want me to end up hurt, right?" You stammered while backing up a bit.

"Vaaaaaa~" She coos in a "I would neeeever." sort of way. She moves forward and gives you a gentle lick, before taking the back of your shirt into her mouth, lifting you up. You flail your limbs from your sudden lift, wanting back on solid ground, as Vaporeon rolls over on to her back. She then let goes of you, with you sliding down her chest and on to her belly. Standing up, it feels like trying to walk on a water bed, but if the water bed was warm, rubbery, and made noises. You rubbed Vaporeon's belly multiple times in your life, but never has it felt so alien until now.

Letting out a giggle, Vaporeon brings her paw on top of you and squishes you on her belly, making you sink into the fat of it. Struggling to breath under all the mass, you try your best to lift the paw off of you with no avail. After a good few seconds more, Vaporeon slides her paw off of you, causing you to gain some airtime before landing back on to the soft surface. You gasp for air, as the belly jiggles with laughter. "That.... was.... not funny." You say in between breaths.

"Poreon!" She crys out playfully, then changing back to the stare she was giving you before. Something tells you that the belly thing wasn't the only thing she was wanting to do with you. Her paw then starts to push you further back to between her rear. You know exactly what she was planning to do now. You want to resist, you should resist, but you know from the belly before that it would be useless. The worst thing to happen is for you to make Vaporeon upset at you.

You are soon at her rear, as she stops pushing for you to view. You see her vagina right below you, fidgeting in heat. Farther below is her puckered tailhole, which is also pulsing in anticipation. Her tail in the horizon slamming the ground in excitement. She suddenly pushes you into her....
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