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Complete Pokedex Project - Page 263 - Invited to Wigglytuff's Backstage - By PoiYoFestive - Overview
So recently your friend got caught with a sickness around the time he was supposed to be going to a concert. Instead of selling the tickets or something like that, they decided to give it to you instead. Not that you minded though, the tickets was to a singer you kinda like listening to. Not the biggest fan, but a casual enjoyer. The singer in question is a Wigglytuff who gained a pretty sizable cult following, including your friend group who recently went on a state-side tour. Though, the problem was something you really didn't know until you arrived to the concert. The tickets you got weren't no ordinary tickets, no. You were put in front seats, right up close to the stage. That wouldn't be that bad, that would actually constitute as pretty great. The bad part, you were informed of, is that you got to attend an after show party once the concerts over, AND you're the only one who got that kind of ticket.

You weren't expecting now to be waiting on a beanbag chair waiting for the guest of honor to arrive through the doors. Though, gotta admit, the food was pretty good... But you were extremely bored of waiting. That is, until...
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