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Harley POV Vore

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this is a reverse scene oh Harley screaming

Boy swallowed by giant slug

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Boy playing a video game is swallowed by a giant slug.   from a short film called Virtual Wraith

Shiden - T-Rex Mawshot Vore

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Free Video He Released, Please Support His Patreon: Shiden 3DCG Vore Animations

(Encounter with Earth) Naoko Mawshot and POV vore

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this is an Edit video of a mini Anime movie call Encounter with Earth on youtube, where i found some sense of  POV, and mawshots in this video

Updated Rotor Plant vore

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The two Rotor Plant animations are quite possibly my favorite animimations still on YouTube from back around 2008, but since I've been kinda getting into adding vore sounds to stuff that need them or need better ones, I'd try my hand at reworking one of those videos. I tried to remove the pixelization a bit and I sped up some of the laggier parts, so it plays smoother.

[Oral vore/Humping]

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Another Vore animation I did 

I hope you like it.. 

Canker Man Absorbs Father

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Absorption scene from the move Before I Wake.

[Navel vore/cock vore] Yuyas late night circus show

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an animation i was working on for a while



Yuya sakaki and yuto belong to yugioh arc v 

art and animation and au by me 

Mighty lady mono vore

Mrs green vore digestion trim

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Edited the good parts featuring "dorris foodle" from the Cartoon/book "Teacher from the black lagoon. I saw this when I was 6, and ive been a vorephile ever since.

FemCell Absorbs Sion

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A Vore MMD I have made using Sion from Melty Blood and 57mm's FemCell model.

Power Rangers Vore

Venom Absorbs Spiderman

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The link to the original video

Raid Shadow Legends vore

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Clip from a Raid Shadow Legends ad

The flash vore


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Source: [1]

after years of people searching they finally found the full version of the frog vore scene 


Pizza Delivery

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I finally finished this up! A gift for my boyfriend, featuring him in the Metallica shirt, and myself as the unfortunate delivery boy. >:3

What happens when you order pizza and the delivery boy is just so frickin' adorable? You make some hasty (and tasty) decisions.

Made frame-by-frame in Paint Tool SAI.

Björk Human Behaviour 1993 Music Video Vore

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No embedded view for this one but your browser should play it by clicking on the attachment link.

Vore day 2019 2NagasPlay

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Yep it's that time of year where we once again show case a series of video gaming clips that highlight multiple times and instances of characters being eaten, consumed or devoured in a myriad of ways. Because that sort of thing is just amusing to us.

Here's a link to the HD YouTube version just in case anyone wants to see it higher quality and frame rate.

Girl Cums Snakes vore video

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Orignally title was "GIRL CUMS SNAKE HAS A FULL TUMMY BOUTH ARE HAPPY" which made no sense.

Tummy Crisis

Doraemon Stomach Exploration

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Doraemon and Nobita go inside Shizuka's stomach to eliminate some aliens that got inside's weird

Frogz Legz - French girl eats date

American Gods 1x2 Bilquis Unbirth

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How come this scene hasn't been uploaded. Most people focus on episode one, but episode two features Bilquis making out with then swallowing a naked lesbian latina