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Brothers Grimsby elephant unbirth scene

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This is a scene from Brothers grimsby where the two main characters hide inside an elephants snatch after being chased by goons. Before they can get out a male turns up and starts having sex while they are still inside.

Legend of the Overfiend Absorption

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This is a pretty good absorption vore scene from one of the later Legend of the Overfiend animated movies

Haley Smith swallows live octopus

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What to say about this scene lol. I had decided to try and catch up on some missed episodes of some cartoon sitcoms came across this one when watching American dad. Quite a nice scene. Ain't person eating person, but the way she describes it and the struggle,mmmm, hits all the spots for me. Heck when I was watching it frame by frame it hit my parasite possession spot too. Gotta say I love the scene and decided to share it. Enjoy.

Manticore Eats Trixie

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A vore scene from My Little pony season 6 'No Second Prances' in which Trixie is swallowed by a manticore.

Legend of the Overfiend Cock Vore

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This is a pretty good cock vore scene from the 1989 Anime Movie Legend of the Overfiend enjoy

Jack in the Box Vore (Krampus 2015)

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Youtube recently removed this video, so I thought I'd throw you guys a bone and upload it here. I haven't seen a decent mainstream vore scene in a while.

Dude Where's My Car? 2000 Alien Giantess Vore

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This is a really sweet vore scene from the 2000 movie Dude Where's My Car?

Old Vore Scene Collection

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This is a veary old vore scene collection from a old vore site called The Vortex that went down many years ago

belly vore girl swallowingalive remix2016 ( old anim1)

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 belly vore girl swallowingalive remix2016     ( old anim1)

( version long 5x reboot)

Cowplant eats my sim P-1

The Critic Vore Scene Extended Version

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Here is a longer and way funnier version of The Critic vore scene

Osomatsu-kun (1988) vore scene

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A scene from episode 2 of Osomatsu-kun, where Iyami is forced to participate in "wrestling" at the circus.

Credit to Youtube user Iyami zansu for most of the translations. (I tweaked some of them)

If you want, skip to 2:40 for the vore scene. I left in some of the video before the scene to add context, for those who haven't watched the show.

Anal Voring Busty Catgirl (SCAT)

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The Critic Vore

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This is a really funny and good vore scene from the really underated mid 1990s animated comedy series The Critic

Skeletor Dies

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So when I was a kid I alwyas loved He-man, but one particular episode always made me feel funny.  With this in mind, I tried to edit a few scenes to make it sexy instead.  Don't be too critical as I whipped it up fairly quick.  ^_^  Enjoy.



Hyakki Yakoushou vore

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a chapter from the tv version of the manga "Hyakki Yakoshou".

Constantine Snake Man Vore

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This is a really good scene from the TV show Constantine sadly we do not see the voring itself but the sene is still pretty good

"Tina UB finished" by EvilPancake - Tina Unbirths Mila

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This is a size-reduced reupload of the video in this gallery entry by EvilPancake:

The original was 240+mb and it was on Mega, etc. but it kept expiring, so I endeavored to put it here in a size acceptable to Eka's so this gorgeous unbirth masterpiece will stay forever.

There is no appreciable loss in quality from the original. If you have a video that's super huge, send me a PM, I might be able to shrink it down to archive here!

"Animals" Snake Vore

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Snake/mouse vore scene from "Animals", an HBO animated series.

Shake, Rattle & Roll XV 2014

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This is a really good vore scene from the 2014 Filipinohorror movie /Shake, Rattle & Roll XV/

Anal Vore with Scat

Legend of the Overfiend Drider

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This is a really damn good vore scene from another of the later Legend of the Overfiend animated movies

Solution absorption scene

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Solution's absorption scene. I do wish there was more to the scene but I suppose that'd be greedy. I don't think we had it in the video section so here ya go.

ABC's of Death - Zygote

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GORE WARNING! At 3:40 it starts to get pretty gorey so if that's not your thing stop watching at the point :)

Found this video on thebellyzone