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Men in Black 2 Serleena Vore Scene

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I can't believe that this scene has not bin uploaded to the site yet because in my option it is one of the best vore scenes ever made and one of the main reasons that I got into vore in the first place enjoy

Asian hottie inserts chocolate santa claus in her butt and poops him out!

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A video from the now closed Live Fetish website. An Asian girl anal vores a chocolate santa and then poops it back out. (sort of scat warning) 

Ratchet and Clank: Swamp Monster

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The Swamp Monster in Ratchet and Clank lives in Oozla...and will, of course, wail on you freely if you're not careful, and chomp on you when you deal enough damage to it. I...didn't do so well against it. See for yourself!

Unbirth Motherly

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This is a video that i found on the site years ago but I have not bin able to find the video latelly so I decided to upload it back to the site just in case I hope taht you IL like it

Berto Lôf puntade #17

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A foreign cartoon shown to me by an acquaintance on IRC. Had a vore section in it so he asked me to upload it here.

nanatsu no taizai vore

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A dog with the ability to teleport anything it eats, swaloows Diane into enemy territory.

Rugrats: "Under Chuckies Bed"

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WARNING: If you dislike underage or child vore, this is not for you.

Angelica, being the psychological predatory she is decides to torment chucky after he gets a "big boy bed" to sleep in.

While the other babies try to calm him down, Angelica relays to them the story of Barnaby Jones, a child who also had his own bed and didn't believe monsters were under the bed either, only to realize far too late that they were all too real.

Braindead 13 Vore Death scenes

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Edited and re-pasted together from the 99 ways to die 3 parter of this game on youtube, using FFmpeg.

The game's plot revolved around you being a teenage computer wiz who is forced to fight for his life after making a self referencing joke regarding video games, which turns out to be the reality of the situation(specifically the evil brain wanting world domination). The gameplay is basically Dragon's lair style, full of Quick time events. Apologize for the bit of french voice over in one scene as I could not find that particular scene in the original 3 parter.

Almost all vore is soft in nature, though there are at least 2 cases of dismemberment, the first is not very graphic and the second features no blood regardless.

Worm vore - Hoshoku game - Ikita mama Marunomi(Predaxxxor) demo version part1

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a vore oriented game description: A giant worm has escaped the science labs for a girl-swallowing rampage! its uses slimy drug to melt her clothes and Aphrodisiac her,worms to weak her and swallow   With each heroine it eats, it evolves its form. You are the worm! Your goal: find and swallow the researcher who experimented on you!  

Brother bear: No Fish were harmed

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Koda being the good little bear he is informs the audience of the laws relating to fish and how they took extra precautions to make sure non were harmed in the making of the film.

However, things after the movie don't go quite as well.

Giantess Eats Hyper-Penis (Dismemberment warning)

Spongebob Squarepants: One Coarse Meal Pearl eats Plankton

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An episode that I have consistently seen top many people's piles of garbage, relative to this site it contains a little scene of interest that I thought I would go find and share.

Plankton's latest plot having been foiled by Pearl due to his fear of whales, and whale's role as a natural predator for plankton, he is beseeched by Pearl(who we learn later is actually Mr. Krabs in disguise) to such a degree that he begins to lose sleep and have intense nightmares.

In this particular nightmare he is chased by a demonized Pearl and seemingly escapes, however instead falls into Pearl's mouth through her blowhole and is subsequently swallowed whole and alive, reunited with his family and even partially digested before screaming in terror and waking up.

Technically since Pearl at that time I believe was only about 16, this may or may not be underage where you live.

Indian Dancer

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First new vore piece I've done in years, something to get back into the swing of things. A busty indian babe being sacrificed to a dragon attempts to sooth the beast with dance... and it doesn't work at all haha. Open to considering requests and/or small-scale commissions.

Weregirl Swallows Penis

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My own work. Not the same as the vore I used to do, this interest is rare even by odd standards.

Great Mouse Detective: Felicia eats Bartholomew

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Poor little Bartholomew mouse forgot the first rule when dealing with never tell him the truth.

Got a little bit tipsy and unfortunately said the wrong things, leading to Felicia the cat's homegrown solutions to Ratigan antagonists.

2 stupid Dogs: Red Strikes back ending

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The ending to "Red Strikes back" of the 2 stupid dogs show, in which a witch after consuming an inflated red complains about lingering hunger, devours the canines themselves after they claim that they only wanted the "smooth and creamy canned cheese". To which she her own benefit.

Iris action (anemone vore)

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New vore scene added on the new version

George of the Jungle F/M vore scene Magnolia swallows George

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Vore scene from George of the Jungle season 2. Found by someone in the "vore in media" thread here on Eka's. Someone asked for it to be uploaded on here so I was like why not.

A Mouse Tale vore scene

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Just a quick little scene from the computer animated movie 'A Mouse Tale'. It involves a couple of hungry bats and one slurpable mouse ^w^ Nice gulp and belly bulge.

Father of the Pride - Roleplay gone wrong

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An attempt to help a friend with regards to confidence ends up going a little worse than expected in the end, to no one's knowledge.

The show is full of this type of dark-ish humor.

Feed my Kitteh - loop F/m

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This is a little pre-unbirth/vaginal vore animation I made of Kitteh using one of her snacks from some time in the early 80's


It's not very long, but if you tell your video player to loop it, you can run it till you get tired of it XD enjoy!

Ratchet and Clank: Swamp Monster

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The Swamp Monster in Ratchet and Clank lives in Oozla...and will, of course, wail on you freely if you're not careful, and chomp on you when you deal enough damage to it. Behold!

Dr Lolipop/Mr Rawr diet

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Animation from Cartoon hangover. The whole clip is pretty vore centered so I won't be clipping things out this time. It deals with a "MrRawr" having a bit of trouble adapting to a new lifestyle and old diets becoming a problem subsequently leading to visiting the titled character, Dr Lolipop(or LOL on the weekends).

Copyright goes to Cartoon Hangover