Writing a Splatoon Story - Inkling OCs Wanted

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Writing a Splatoon Story - Inkling OCs Wanted

Postby InvisibleHand » Mon Nov 16, 2020 3:43 pm

As said in the title, I'm looking to include eight female inkling OCs in a Splatoon story that I have in the works.

The main reason for this is that I'm not the best at making my own characters, especially so many just for this one story, so I thought an interesting workaround would be to give other users the chance to have their OC included instead. The only requirement per se is that you're fine with how you're OC would be portrayed (what they would do, what would happen to them, etc.), but I'll give more details regarding that further down.

As for the story itself, the main vore theme will be cooking, along with some mild sexual content as well. The latter could change later on, but for now it's just a small accessory. I won't give away too many details of the plot, but here's the basic gist of it:

It centres around four inkling girls who are in their final year at an all-girls high school. They're good friends and are well known within the school as a highly skilled Turf War team. When they start the year everything is going well for them, but among the new first-years are four particularly bratty inklings who antagonise them whenever they get the chance. The younger group bully the other students, cause trouble, and are generally unpleasant to almost everyone, and over the course of the school year the main four girls get more and more aggravated by them.

Near the end of the year, the first-year inklings challenge the older group to a Turf War who accept, thinking that winning will end the youngsters' bitchy behaviour or at least humble them a little. However, through a certain chain of events (won't give the exact details as of right now), both teams end up signing a wager stating that the winners get to cook and eat the losers. Of course, one team loses the match, and things play out from there...

That's the basic premise, anyway, but there's a lot more that will happen and a good chance I might change a few things depending on a number of factors.

I mentioned requirements before, but they're mostly all to do with your OC having the right personality (or at least you being willing for them to be portrayed as such), and you being fine with the things that happen to them in general (especially if they're the prey). I definitely haven't given enough detail here for you to be well informed (I haven't stated which team wins or loses, for one), but I'm happy give more information about the plot, events, and content in PMs if you are interested in having your OC included.

I don't have a set personality for the inklings yet, but here are the important ones for them to have:

-The main four inkling girls would all be reasonably mature and kind. They certainly won't be pushovers or overly passive in response to the younger groups rudeness and bullying, but more that they don't go out of their way to harm or annoy others.

-The younger inklings would be typical spoiled brats that see almost everyone beneath them and take pleasure in feeling superior to others. They could potentially have small backstories as to why they're like that, but right now I don't think they're all that needed. Also, while the older four are mostly independent but love hanging out with each other, these four have a more 'hierarchical' dynamic; there'd be the 'leader', who does the most talking and causes most of the trouble, and the others who more or less go along with her. They'd still all be somewhat unpleasant on their own to an extent, but as a group there would always be an unspoken rule that one of them calls the shots.

Another aspect regarding the characters, as well as part of the story's tone, is that the story takes place in a 'realistic' inkling society. What I mean to say is that when the topic of the losers getting cooked gets brought up, the characters aren't all nonchalant about it like it's a normal thing. It's treated as an outlandish, immoral idea at first, and even when the event does happen there's still a lot of uncertainty and reluctance to carry out the deed.

I say this because since this is a vore site, it's natural that peoples' inkling OCs would be into vore (or not, but you get the idea), and from what I've seen it's mostly soft and/or oral vore, not cooking. So, if you are interested in having your character included, you must be willing for them to be portrayed as not being... aware of vore? Not quite sure how to phrase that, but the point is that inklings casually eating each other isn't part of the universe being portrayed.

Aside from those two points, there aren't really any restrictions.

However, what I do not want happening is me being asked to change aspects of the story just for it to fit the asker's own wishes. Stuff like ''can you add X kink in for my character'' is an example of what I don't want to see. Even though I am asking to use peoples' OCs, at the end of the day it's my vision and I won't compromise it just to add in a character or two. I'll end up making my own anyway if I have to.

That said, I am open to suggestions as long as they fit the theme (ie: cooking) or if you think it would aid a character's portrayal or development. The latter is more open-ended, but just be sure to keep it a suggestion and not a demand; that's all I ask.

One last thing to mention is that if I end up getting two or more offers, then those users' characters will natural interact with each other in one way or another, so as disclaimer: none of story's content will reflect/indicate relationships between users whose OCs are in the story. Not sure if this would have (or still could) lead to trouble, but just thought I'd mention it.

So, if you like the sound of this story and want your character featured in it, then drop me a PM and we can work something out. I'll answer as many questions as I can regarding pred/prey, sequence of events, etc. , so if you are unsure about something then don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading!
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