This feedback from is for non-registered user who want to contact the administrator of this site directly or for resigstered user who want to report something annoymously.


If you found any problem with this site:

  • Whether it is a grammar error, a content issue, or simply technical question and you do not have an active and working account, feel free to send us a feedback and we will tell you what you need to do. Please include all the details you can!

If your account is working:

  • This form is e-mail based, and has no account requirement. Which means we have no idea if you are really the account holder and can not do anything related to your working account. Consider simply send a forum private message directly to Eka for much faster and easier correspondent. If you require work to be done related to your account, you are going to be asked to use the forum private message anyway.

If you are reporting questionable content:

  • Make sure you includes the full link (URL) of both the location of the content in question and link to the original location for vertifying

If you are having registration problem or trouble getting e-mail from us:

  • Make sure you have whitelisted in your spam filter. Check Whitelist instruction for more instruction
  • Check your spam message and see if anything are being mistaken as spam
  • To save us time. Includes all error message, preferrably screen shot for any registeration issue. "What is the error message" and "Please send me a screen shot" will be the very first thing I ask you whenever you have problem registering and we simply can't continue without this piece of information

If you are having problem with login:

  • If you forgot your password, just go to the Login page and use the "I forgot my password" feature
  • If you are locked out of your account or otherwise unable to login, please includes all error messaage you see on the screen