Do you have any friends (who are not into vore) who know you like vore (whether it be sexual, artistic, or both).

46% (331 votes)
54% (381 votes)
Total votes: 712



I've only just got into the scene and I don't plan on telling anyone. It's my business and I don't fancy telling people what I get off to.

Why not?

All my friends and even my mom know I am into VORE and other stuffs like that. I live without shame because if it was possible, I could be a Vore Queen in real life too! XD Life is short, so I do what I please ♡

The Comment I was waiting for

I kmew someone would eventually leave a comment like this. I have one friend who knows and a few friends who probably know but have never called me out. The person who knows doesn't mind and ain't a snitch, and I wouldn't mind if any more friends knew. I just don't want them to be disturbed by it. Other than that my biggest fear in life is easily my parents, family, or co-workers discovering it and ultimately being disgusted by me. I don't know how they would, but it's still a scary thought.


im super suprised at the percentage of the pole, i would have thought it would have been an outstanding no.


It would be interesting how you'd actually start that conversation lol

Just curious

Just curious