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Friend betrayal

Saturday night, 7pm. Sean was about to leave with a friend of his, Mike. They had planned to visit one of Mike's friend. They were to shoot a movie because they loved it. But this time, it would be a different one: Brett, the guy to whom they were going, had told them it would be a surprise. So, Sean and Mike were eager to find it out.  When they entered the flat, Brett welcomed them. Sean was impressed, he was very tall, about 6 feet 5, and pretty well built, with a slightly bulging chest and six-pack abs, visible through his shirt.  They were having a lot of fun, speaking about the movie they were to shoot, Mike and Sean trying to guess what it was. Later, Sean went to the toilet, leaving both guys together on the sofa.  Mike asked Brett, whispering: "You wanna do this now ?" "Of course I do, he didn't realize anything, that is great ! Look at this glass here, the liquid in it makes you shrink. Two drops make you shrink by one feet. How tall is he ?" "About 5 feet 10, I think" Mike answered. "OK, I think 1 feet would be a nice size to deal with. I've already tried it with a 9-inch-high guy, I may be able to do this with a bigger one !" Brett said, enthusiastic. "Unless you wanna try it ? We could make him shrink harder" He added. "No Brett, I told you I wouldn't, he's my friend, and I don't want to do this to him, even if you'll let him go out of your gut after, this is crual and he will never forgive us for that !"  The problem was that Brett didn't want to let Sean go after this, but Mike ignored that. He even thought Brett had another beverage which should allow to grow to normal size, but he didn't.  "Ok man, I will take care of him. So, I put 10 drops for him to reach 10 inches". Brett said. He took a pipette and poured 10 drops in Sean's glass, just before he reappeared.    "So" Sean asked "when do we start ?" "We're about to" Brett answered. "Well actually, we've already started since you arrived but you both didn't know this. I had installed cameras in the room, here and there. The aim was to show 3 friends chatting and having fun. So all we said has been shot, even what Mike and I told while you were pissing" He glanced at Mike, who blushed. "Oh and what is it ?" Sean asked, unaware of what was going to happen to him. "In the movie, you're not supposed to know, so you won't. And what we're telling now will be removed from the film, of course. So now, you're gonna drink and pretend you faint. After that, you will be supposed to have shrunk. I will make special effects with my computer, do not worry. Let's go !" Brett commanded. So, Sean, accepting the deal, drank. And he felt dizzy, and started to cough, and then nothing. ... He opened his eyes.. Closed them and then reopened them. He had a strong headache and he couldn't move his hands and feets. "What happened to me ? I am naked, what the helle is going on ??" Plus, his feet didn't touch the floor, neither did his whole body. He noticed both his hands and feets were tied up. But.. Nobody was there, he was fucking alone, unable to move. He tilted his head back, and what he saw scared the hell out of him. Above, a chandelier, but twice his size ! And that was where he was suspended, by a rope. On the opposite wall, he could see a camera. The red blinking light made him guess it was shooting. Shooting.. Yes he remembered these words.. Brett, Mike's friend, had told them. And there was something else, a word even worse. Shrink ! That was it ! He had been supposed to shrink in the movie, and didn't remember anything since he drank... Oh Gosh, he had really shrunk ! But why ?  As if his question had been heard, he saw the door being open, and two guys entered the room. Mike, his best friend, blond and average built, and Brett, a dark-haired giant of a man. A smile was visible on his face. Sean started to panic and tried to move his small body. All he could do was to swing, nothing more.  "Hi Sean" Brett said. "You finally awake. I thought I was going to end you up before you open the eyes ! Fine, now you're gonna see everything I wanted you to see."  "What did you do to me ? Mike ! Help me dude ! Please !" "Oh no he won't. He is as guilty as I am. At the beginning, he wasn't sure he could do this, but after I insisted and threatened him, he accepted." "But.. accept what ??" "Eat you ! Isn't that obvious ? You're here, suspended to a chandelier, naked, no more that one feet tall, and surrounded by two hungry guys, waiting to eat." "Bbbbuut guys.. you can't do this to me, I mean, we had a nice time before that, and it would be a murder.. I don't want to be torn appart in many pieces." "Who told you about being torn appart ? Didn't Mike tell you that I was a swallower ?" "What is that ?" "Mike, you haven't said anything yet. Please, tell him why you'vre brought him here" His smile was more and more crual. "Sean, I.. I am really sorry.. I wanted to tell you but.." He couldn't tell the truth. Instead, he was going to try something else, to save Sean by making Brett think he agreed with him. "If I brought you here, it is because Brett is a swallower, which means that he can swallow guys whole, without crushing nor chewing, just swallow them. And I want you to be the one he's gonna eat." "You.. You can not ! It's horrible ! Insane, coward, there's no word to describe it ! How could you betray me Mike ?? " "Hey guys, just calm down, there is no problem here. I am going to eat you, and he is going to watch it, being jealous of me when he sees that tou're so fucking tasty, he will desire to taste you too. But don't worry Sean, you won't get hurt at all, until you arrive in there" He showed his muscled gut. "I promise I'll take good care of you." "Wait Brett" Mike interrupted him. "Can you just think of how much money you can earn thanks to your magic potion ? You could use it against criminals and get rid off them, couldn't you ? You would become the wealthiest man in the world, but I beg you, let him go. Sean, I'm really sorry I never should have brought you here, it was so stupid, I don't know what..." Brett knocked him out with his baseball bat. "Oh Man, you're so annoying, just please shut up !" Sean started to cry. On the floor, lying, motionless, his best friend Mike, who was his only chance to leave this place. Now he was doomed and couldn't do anything but thinking about death. He, the 19 year old guy, pretty thin, average sized, about to be swallowed alive by a crual guy, who had become a true giant. He decided to be brave and to accept his fate. "Brett go ahead ! You've got rid off him too, nothing prevents you from doing it, then do it ! Don't make me wait any longer, I am tied up anyway, so you, coward, won't have any difficulty to eat me." "Don't worry man, I am going to. I just need Mike to see this, I'm gonna tie him up too." And, 5 minutes later, it was done. When Mike awoke, Brett was standing below the chandelier, his mouth open wide, slowly but surely catching Sean's feet. . When Sean's feet were both in his mouth, he closed his lips and tasted him. Sean, still crying, closed his eyes not to see that.With his head in this position, Brett's adam apple was clearly visible and moved each time he swallowed. Mike could only assist the show, helpless. The more Brett went up, the more Sean's body was deep inside him. Brett could feel his throat muscles contract around his prey, and it was an awesome feeling. Mike saw Brett's throat bulge with the effort. Brett mmmd with pleasure, and closed his eyes too. Sean was now in up to his waist, and his nipples disappeared in the giant's mouth, who swallowed to engulf his neck, and then his head. Only his tied arms remained outside of the Hell mouth. A simple swallow and they entered, another one and they disappeared. The final swallow didn't come long after that. Mike saw the bulge move to Brett's torso, and then there was no bulge anymore.  "Man, how is that possible your gut doesn't even bulge a bit ? He was big !" "The doctors found that my stomach is three times as big as it should be. Maybe that is the reason why Sean is not visible outside, but trust me, you can feel him inside. It won't last, in one minute or two he will suffocate. You didn't even tell him goodbye." "Wait ! I thought you were going to let him go after this !" "Hell no dude, I won't. I was so hungry and so glad I managed to swallow a bigger one, you really think I would do this ? You're so naive. On the contrary, I intend to see how much my belly can hold without bulging. Would you mind if I tried with you ?" "Don't ! You can't do this to me too !" "Oh yes I can, and I'm going to ! But I will keep you bigger than he was, I will try 2 feet, it will be harsh, but I will do it !" "NOOOOOOOOOOO Stop !!!!!" But Brett grasped the liquid, and made Mike drink enough drops to make him shrink to the size he wanted. Contrary to Sean, he didn't faint, but he felt dizzy too. Brett stared at him, with a predator look. Mike didn't like it at all and started to scream. Brett, who didn't want his neighboors to knock on the door and ask what was happening, knocked Mike, with his baseball bat once more. Mike bled, and Brett kneeled to lick him. Mike was also done, and he knew it. So, Brett took Mike's remaining clothes off. This time he would swallow his prey head first. the last thing Mike saw was Brett big eyes and white teeth approaching him, and he could also see his chest, as big as he was.  Brett opened his mouth wider, and took Mike's head in. It hurt a bit due to Mike's size. But he was a warrior, he could do that. He closed his lips around Mike's neck, and sucked him. Mike tried to struggle, but it was no use. When he heard the first swallow, he felt his head slide in the throat, the muscles contracting around him, and it was hard to breathe, very hard. Then he felt Brett's saliva on his pretty broad shoulders, kinda hard to deal with. That is why Brett didn't manage to make them enter his mouth. At 2 feet high, Mike was still big enough to be swallowed easily. "I have to do it !" He thought, and he did ! Indeed, when Mike struggled, his feet pushing against his pred's muscled chest, he pushed himself further in the mouth, helping Brett taing his shoulders in. Then Brett felt better, knowing that the hardest was done. He kept swallowing then, and Mike was in up to his nipples that Brett tasted. He swallowed again, and the navel was in too. Inside, Mike's head entered the waist, and fell into darkness. Outside, Brett walked to the bathroom, a guy half-swallowed, in his mouth, the legs dangling, to see him in the mirror. He had never seen this before, so he had to. What he saw surprised him. Mike's legs were slightly moving, and his throat was bulging. That was amazing. he swallowed once more, and saw the legs enter further, the bulge and his adam apple both moving. Then, after a few swallows, only the feet remained outside. Mike's head was already in the stomach, and he saw Sean, surrounded by the acid, probably dead.  Brett was amazed to see his belly finally bulging ! He swallowed again and the bulge grew. When Mike was finally gone for good, Brett couldn't believe that 2 dead guys were in there, being digested. That was all his muscled body deserved after all, food and proteins. An athlete needs to be fed, and he was. He went to his bedroom, and fell asleep. A new life had started for Brett. He planned to swallow  bigger and bigger victims.

i want to start writing and

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