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Hello Cartovore fans. (anyone who isn’t aware of the game head to http://sdcga.com/~duam9/cartovore2.htm)

For some time now I’ve been working off and on to produce a fix/expansion to cartovore2. To use download and install the earlier version above and replace as appropriate with these files. So what is in it?


The Defender ability was causing horrendous crashes so instead now it grants an fiend shields for the turn.

Fixed the problem where many cards would instead of costing anything stop resources being generated (note to card makers do not have them enter play at Turn End)

Dodge/Evade sometimes made cards invulnerable so instead there is now a wider variety of fixed chance attack avoidance traits.

Innumerable card fixes

Probably other stuff I’ve forgotten about by now.


Boobs! A new trait for every character except beasts and plants. They have positive and negative effects, they act as energy stores helping the healing process but also make you yummy to eat + some additional affects at high level. Each character starts with a different boob size with can be grown by digesting characters- particularly if they pray is busty themselves.

Name generation, having up to 8 characters with the same name (more for some) was just to confusing, now if there is already a character of a given name in play new ones will be given a randomly generated name appropriate to their race.

Rearranged card info so what you most often need to look up is at the top.

Added a few new cards, mostly just ones that were needed to test the above.


All credit to Duamutef. Before he disappeared I did get permition from him to set a game in his universe I think expanding an old one fits under this.

If you spot anything else wrong with the game post it hear but remember I’m one guy working in an half-finished engine whenever I’m bored of other stuff (ps. Yes a lot of my spelling sucks, get over it, correct it yourself or avoid it your choice). 

ctv+.rar2.26 MB