krishna3ca's VGame chapter 1 - 4

A series of RPG game made by krishna3ca

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[file] VGameChapter1.zip08/01/09 12:18 am40.63 MB
[file] VGameChapter2.zip08/01/09 8:21 pm38.3 MB
[file] VGameChapter3.zip08/01/09 8:08 pm46.48 MB
[file] VGameChapter4.zip08/01/09 8:14 pm95.72 MB


Hey peeps! This game requires

Hey peeps! This game requires an old version of Java since some of the libraries are not supported in modern Java. Get some portable Java installation (which would not mess up your current set up) and link the bat file to it. Check this guide:

None of the chapters can be

None of the chapters can be opened. Chapter 5, 6 and 7 included. Why? How can I get them to work? I appreciate if you answer as soon as you can.

Not working now.

OK, in the past, when I DLed this full game series, I had no problems with opening, and playing it. Only issues I had where really deep into the game. But now, I DLed and installed  everything, even updated my java, but when opening, I get a host of errors, before the client opens, but there is no way to acctuall start a game. Also, the link to that other thing the instructions says we need to play this, is apparently broken, so not sure what to do.

How the F**k do you get this to work

Click on the run icon command prompt comes up close nothing happens HELP how do i get this to run?!?!?!

How the F**k do you get this to work

Click on the run icon command prompt comes up close nothing happens HELP how do i get this to run?!?!?!

Getting this game to work

So like other users I had some trouble getting this game to work at first. First of all, the run.bat program tries to open java.exe in whatever folder you are running the .bat from, meaning that if you already have java installed you need to move some files around.

Now in theory you could probably do it by either moving just the .bat file, or creating a shortcut to java.exe in your folder. I opted to move the entire Vgame download into the Java folder however, and it actually worked! Although this is a very messy solution.

After all that my save file was broken, but I ran the a runtime of access and then downloaded someone else's save, so at least I could load theirs.

Friggin' impossible game

Unless, of course, you want to be eaten... But for someone who wants to be a pred, it is highly frustrating. Even with cheat codes, I am finding it quite impossible to get through even the very first dungeon... or indeed, get ANYWHERE without suffering humiliating death by digestion.



No seriously through,how do I get the stuff to show up in chapter 2?

It's stupid that the owner didn't bother fixing this.


don't run for me

when i use this application i have 15313 error messages, java run but NOTHING


it's a grey windows without interaction :s i am on windows 7

message d'erreur :ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][Gestionnaire de pilotes ODBC] Source de données introuvable et nom de pilote non spécifié

Game works,but only character is seen

When I start chapter 2,I can see my character,but nothing else. HELP ME!!!


hey need help here

I have vista and saw a comment that said to move the java.exe to the production file.....didn't work

all it does it says errors and something like cant find source or something.

got it to play

the game is a little to big for my window

I cant play

I cant play at all i would love to play it but bunch of error messages pop up



Problem with this game

I'm having the same problem as voresibling. I'm having trouble getting windows to recognize the batch file (the one labeled "run") as an actual program. I don't know how to fix it because I have Microsoft Access 2010 and just updated my java. I really would like to play the game, because it looks awesome, but cant figure out how...


this is confusing.... i try to play, and  upon opening, i get a bunch of errors, then the game comes up blank. the buttons are on, but pressing one on the right just makes them go inactive, and there are three command boxes and buttons that don't seem to do anything.....


Where did the attachments go?

Where did the attachments go?


How do I beat the monsters in the temple?

Why won't this work?

I downloaded all the chapters and I followed the how to install that came with and when I try a command screen pops up breifly and then dissapears.

I'm running on Windows 7.

Difficult area

One thing that I should warn prospective players about is the ogre/captured daughter dilemma in Loristin which can be a pain. Make sure you don't try to do the quest given to you by the Loristin potion dealer until you're very high level, since the ogre in the cave will try to eat the captured daughter when you enter the cave, and no matter what you do, the captured girl will have been completely digested by the time you get close enough to fight the ogre. I'm not sure, but I think that a high enough charisma character might be able to save the daughter successfully. In any case, don't just let the daughter die and press onward, since not getting the elven dictionary makes the elven city which you reach after defeating Melan much, much harder (almost every single elf in the town will eat you if you talk to her, including storekeepers). I haven't yet found an alternate way to get knowledge of the elven language. Be careful.


How did you get past the temple?


This game is basically what I'd always wanted duamutef's RPG to be. The best part is that it's pretty well balanced combat-wise. The only battles that are frustratingly hard are the 'boss' enemies that use paralyze spells(the main two I've found so far are the centaur queen and Melan). A note to new players: Don't even bother trying to fight Melan unless you're at least three or four levels above her. She has much more hit points and mana than normal for her level and she casts paralyze spells on you constantly.


How do you save the game?!?!

So I have finished the

So I have finished the chapter1.How to make the chaper2 work?thanks.

So how do you actually play

So how do you actually play the game. All I see are a bunch of pictures and some files that I have no idea what they are for.

A little problem...

This is an excellent game! However, I have an insignifiant but annoying problem: Whenever the character moves, the whole screen blinks and I can¿t get to see the preys inside the stomaches... Which is quite sad in my opinion... I'm using Vista, by the way... Can someone help me?

ive downloaded chapters 1-5

ive downloaded chapters 1-5 now what? plz explain to me in detail



This game totally rocks! I absolutely love it! Even though it is clear that English is not your first language the dialogue is still imaginative and masterful! Bravo! ^ ^



how to get it to work

ok so like how do I get started playing im looking though files and files but idk what im looking for help....

main character...

is the main character in this game a boy or a girl?

Windows Vista

Just wondering if there is a way to get this game to play on Vista.

I have been banging my head against this issue for several hours now, though I am only able to find older versions of Jet Engine that do not seem to like Vista very much.

How i got it working

I have vista too and it was a bitch - but i managed to get it working.

Get the Java.exe file from the Jave folder and copy it the production dirrectory with the run.bat file. This fixed my problem with the game not working.

Just a tip.

Love this game quite a bit. Managed to beat all but the last level, and I just can't stop playing through old levels. Piece of advice for those who are having trouble. Try magic. Just get a few levels, and be very careful to only use as much as you need to beat the creatures with physical means. Once you get that down, you'll usually only be eaten when you want to be. If you've tried magic, then slowly fight things with physical means till you're strong enough to beat the bears and serpents that show up. Or mabye the occasional drow. Then go for the magic. It's always worked for me, so I hope this helps someone out.

Vore game

This has just been given best score by me. It is a great game with many alternatives - i like how you can attack cows and they attack back and you go into a big cows tummy. I also like how the witch either sells spells to you, feeds you to the succabus, herself or turns you into a frog and blasts you with fire. I had to go into the witches stomach though - she was quite tasty, especially with the high heel boots on and even a perfect figure (apart from when she had you trapped inside) for saying that your magic was better than a beginers - she teleports you inide her. I have not got the keys from the mayor to get through the gate yet and i could not get past the monsters in the temple without being turned into poo - the giant worm usually ate everything. I cant fault it - for saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing or even talking to some characters - you end up as food - its great. I even agreed to be the succubus's snack when she asks - (saved it first though) just for fun. I have not finished the first game yet but it will be nice to see loads of vore games - maybe nintendo, or wii games even. Thankx Mick (monkey)

Oh Snap

Comments! *cough*

A very good JAVA based game.

A good Game

OMG waiting for more :D