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[Navel vore/cock vore] Yuyas late night circus show

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an animation i was working on for a while



Yuya sakaki and yuto belong to yugioh arc v 

art and animation and au by me 

Mighty lady mono vore

South Park - Mr. Slave & Paris Hilton (anal vore, m/f, same size, no bulge)

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Honestly surprised this wasn't on the site yet. Since the video section can't have tags, here they are: *(anal vore, m/f, same size, no bulge)*

FemCell Absorbs Sion

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A Vore MMD I have made using Sion from Melty Blood and 57mm's FemCell model.

Power Rangers Vore

RPG Maker Vacuum unbirth attack

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Testing out an attack for an RPG maker project

Raid Shadow Legends vore

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Clip from a Raid Shadow Legends ad

The flash vore

belly button vore

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animation art and au belong to me

yuya sakaki and yuto belong to yugioh arc v 

Pizza Delivery

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I finally finished this up! A gift for my boyfriend, featuring him in the Metallica shirt, and myself as the unfortunate delivery boy. >:3

What happens when you order pizza and the delivery boy is just so frickin' adorable? You make some hasty (and tasty) decisions.

Made frame-by-frame in Paint Tool SAI.

Björk Human Behaviour 1993 Music Video Vore

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No embedded view for this one but your browser should play it by clicking on the attachment link.

Yuya sakaki X yuto

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Art and animation and Au by me 

Yuya sakaki and yuto belong to yugioh arc v 

Girl Cums Snakes vore video

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Orignally title was "GIRL CUMS SNAKE HAS A FULL TUMMY BOUTH ARE HAPPY" which made no sense.

Tummy Crisis

{Vore MMD} Pain Eats Naruto

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A vore MMD (MikuMikuDance) animation I made. It's my first vore MMD attempt so, it's probably not perfect but, hopefully you'll enjoy! Pain eats a micro Naruto in order to capture him. The stomach and gastic acid model, and the textbox model at the end, were all 100% made from scratch by me! c:


/Pain and Naruto are from Naruto Shippuden/

/Pain MMD model was from Littleaerith2140, edited by me to have some added vore morphs and a silhouette mode. Naruto MMD model from Narashadows, edited by me to be micro sized./

/Sounds are from and the music is from Naruto Shippuden (Akatsuki choir theme)./

Frogz Legz - French girl eats date

American Gods 1x2 Bilquis Unbirth

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How come this scene hasn't been uploaded. Most people focus on episode one, but episode two features Bilquis making out with then swallowing a naked lesbian latina

The Anatomy of Sex Endo

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Some neat endo of the male and female reproductive systems from the Discovery Channel documentary "The Anatomy of Sex."

Shiden - T-Rex Mawshot Vore

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Free Video He Released, Please Support His Patreon: Shiden 3DCG Vore Animations

Queen Digestion Process (Fallout 4 mod)

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Queen shows off her belly in this Fallout 4 proof of concept. 

If you would like to download the mods, there are links on my userpage.

Disposal implied version to be uploaded.


Mandanah eats Stereoliza

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Just messing around in Windows Movie Maker. Spliced together clips from Stereolizza's When you're here and Mandanah's drum solo belly dance

[Oral vore/Humping]

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Another Vore animation I did 

I hope you like it.. 

Ed, Edd n Eddy Sarah Stuffed With Jawbreakers

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Here is a really good scene from Ed, Edd n Eddy that I just edited 

Momma Dino eats Sid

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A vore scene we all wished happened in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Sheryno edited this scene, it didn't have vore before but he made it into one, impressive work especially on a computer animated movie. It is a shame Sheryno disappeared when YouTube cracked down on vore, but hopefully here it will stay for others to enjoy. And if Sheryno somehow sees this, please know we just don't want your work to fully vanish.