ImaginaryZ's Junk

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Youtube videos of this junk:

Update: 2010-03-03

  • Exported some swf files
    • FlashAte in barbftr Chess2 Macrotrace Neat RECOVER Netrace Ripanim Wtrace Ztracer
  • Added many unreleased GameMaker files; Most are broken or damaged, but could be useful. Split into two files, one for the old flash only, the other for the game maker, flash and KNP stuff.

This is most all of the vore related junk I have made; Including 3 common categories:

  • Flash
  • KNP (Klik n Play)
  • GM (Game Maker )

The flash files will be either in .swf, or .fla. Use Flash 8 or later to open most .fla files, Flash MX should be sufficient as well. .swf files can open in your brower or the include NCacoPla.exe (for Win32)

KNP files are a bit different, this includes the KNP program for win32 (or at least the demo) so that you can open the program, and then go find some of the game files, just move around the folders until I reorganize them. Not all of the KNP games make sense or contain vore. You may have to explore them.
UPDATE 2010_01_26: If you have windows vista, KNP may not run at all, this site seems to have a install you can run in order to 'fix' it, thank you for your help, Yiffydraggy

The GM games are from a long time ago when someone wanted help making a sprite based game; They should be self explanatory, hit F1 to see the help. They only run in windows.

If you have trouble running or otherwise viewing these files, post a note on the forum and I'll do my best to explain/correct the problem. Don;t expect that I'll be able to go in and recode or add things to these files though; They're called junk for a reason!

I apologize for the fact I have not had enough time to sort or otherwise organize this; When I do I will upload a newer version.


Screenshots of some content:

ImaginaryZ_Flash_Junk.zip70.83 MB
ImaginaryZ_Flash_New.zip37.58 MB
Adventure Clone (Beta) 2.49b testing979.58 KB (Alpha - Source only) testing1.16 MB
VSounds.zip77.92 MB
NewBGETests_old249b_only.zip7.31 MB
NBGEEngineClassbased.zip3.94 MB MULTI SCREEN Open Canvas404.53 KB
Barbftr MONSTERMAKER 2014_10_27.zip18.15 MB
NBGEEngineClassbased_276.zip4.09 MB


Barbftr RX8

Will you ever finish that?

Hugs for you! <3

I really really really love your stuff, which you made for the Barftr-Game.

So i just want to say THAAAANKS.

(I just would love to see the "giant shark girl" in action. Seems that she's just staring at the barb.)

Updates 2014-05-13

Updated NBGE test to the newset blender, 2.70a. it should run there, and so that's nice.

Working on a improvement because it's a prototype of data I need for my own engine, turns out blender can actually make Armature actions and Shape Actions as well, making perfect vore animation possible finally! awesome.


Hey Z, big fan of your work, I just have one question though.

Are you ever going to complete NewBGETests? I think this game is awesome, and it would be great to see it complete, thanks.

Not in blender; it'll be

Not in blender; it'll be moved to a C++ game engine I've making.


Still wondering if you're continuing with it? And what folder the 'latest' versino may be in.


having a little trouble with the GMgame "VGAMET_borked" I can't seem to have  my character vore the enemies that are dead. i can't even have my character land on the body. i know that the game is not finished, so is the vore part of the unfinished elements? if so, that sucks

Adventure Clone.

That game is for playing on Blender?

That game is for playing on Blender?

Yes; The current "Adventure Clone (Beta) 2.49b testing" requires blender to play; Open the .blend using blender 2.49b and click "Game -> Play"