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Dr. Demus P.H.D - Page 1 - Dr. Demus P.H.D - By ButterBelly - Overview
Welcome to my first story, like, anywhere. Feel free to edit whatever kind of vore you want here.

Dr. Demus (You) was getting tired, although it was very early in the day. Such is the life of a nocturnal field mouse. You straitened your white doctor's coat, to no real advantage. Your patients had that of a multitude of problems, most varying around the digestive or reproductive system. When it comes down to digestion, there is always the risky mixture in the bottle in your coat pocket. You call it anti-digestant. You begin thinking about some of your older patients, remembering Pokemon, Legendary, Mythical, and Unheard of monsters, humans, furries, etc. Pretty much anything. You consider taking a nap when the nurse, a female anthro deer, came in. "An unscheduled patient has arrived," she said. You look up to your large doorway, past the nurse, to find...
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