Roleplay pet peeves.

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Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Evuhlynnn » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:27 pm

Kinda just a random question/insight into the mind of other roleplayers. What's the one/many things that annoy or irritate you either before, during or after a roleplay takes place? Mine personally is when your partner just ditches you without explanation then ceases all contact with you despite your best efforts to get things back on track.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby BelleJar » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:55 pm

I totally agree with the random disappearance but i am not about to chase you down if you're rude enough to do that.
Other big ones are when someone has nothing but extremely op, god tier characters, and when they attempt to drastically alter my characters (physically or mentally) without at least discussing it with me first
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Nomminus » Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:39 pm

Hmm, I can relate to and agree with BelleJar, dealing with the overly ridiculous OP characters is tiresome at best, and drastic unwarranted alterations to a character can get super frustrating!

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is one liners, I prefer more descriptive paragraph-form responses, so I greatly dislike getting replies that consist of: - Character: *smiles* "Hi" -

I'll admit to being somewhat slow to respond, as I like to take some time to properly think out my replies. Or some days I choose to not be online, so I also try to avoid RP partners that expect a reply instantly after they send their own, and get agitated if they don't have a reply notification within a few minutes. 0.0 Not sure if that'd be considered a pet peeve, but it is an annoyance when it happens. XD
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby predator_or_prey » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:12 pm

I absolutely HATE getting ditched. Good way to lose partners, because people talk...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby XDDX » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:14 pm

Disappearances, characters that don't fit into a story even though you spent ages talking about it with your partner, disregard for preferences/taboos, playing the other player's character...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby unbirthwriter1 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:04 am

Bad grammar is my biggest, plus getting ditched. I can understand you get busy, and that's fine, but at least let me know!
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Hariken » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:37 am

Only RPing what they want and never RPing what you want, then them guilt tripping you into feeling bad when they say that they don't really like what you want to RP despite them RPing it.

Said scenario was talked about beforehand, too, and they were okay with it until we actually started the RP.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby GoTee1 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:44 am

Maybe not so much a pet peeve, but an overall bad experience made of them? I did a recent RP where the guy (who was otherwise very nice) asked me to use one of his characters, which I was okay with, but unfortunately left him correcting me every second post. "Just in future, she'd normally say 'this'" or "Actually she doesn't like that thing."
And then he just kept taking over the character, like making her walk into rooms or start eating the prey before I had a say. Overall I felt kind of pointless :/

It was a shame, cos' the guy was really nice otherwise, and I hadn't RP'd in ages, so I was really getting into it at first.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Evuhlynnn » Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:29 am

Interesting bunch of peeves so far and strangely enough I can relate to all the ones mentioned. I understand your pain GoTee, having to be dictated to with the way a character acts in regards to their personality is an absolute nightmare! You'd think they'd at least allow you to put your own unique spin on said character without any serious debate.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Mamerui » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:20 pm

Oh gosh, where to begin. As someone who has primarily RP'd via the chat, one of my biggest turn-offs during a roleplay is inaccurate grammar. I feel really guilty for being so sensitive about it, knowing that I am not perfect, nor do I have a perfect grasp of the rules of grammar.

There seems to be a lot of people that take interest in my characters that make mistakes like when to use their/there/they're, to/too, a/an, and so-on.

Another peeve is just people messaging me and asking me how I'm doing when we aren't friends and haven't talked before. I know it is an attempt to be polite, but in my opinion, asking someone how they are when you -really- don't care about their well-being is annoying. It is clear when someone messages me starting with that, they are only interested in a scene.

Alternatively, people messaging me with seemingly pointless or hanging greetings. "Hi." "Nice character" and anything like "mew" or things of that sort put me off so quickly. I want people to be concise and get to the point of their message. The only exception to this is if I already know the person and am acquainted/friends with them.

Not reading preferences is another big issue, as my preference sliders on most of my profiles address the latter two issues I have. Suggesting scenes that go against my preferences (there was one individual that continually suggested I become his cock-slave even though I don't really like sexually-charged scenes most of the time).

I also hate when I go through to read someone's preferences and they call specific kinks "gross" or "disgusting." I abhor kinkshaming and people that kinkshame in listing their own kinks make me really mad. Like, yeah, you don't have to like it. But just say it isn't for you and move on. golly.

Players that just can't seem to take "NO" for an answer have also been something that I've dealt a lot with. You say no to their request, and then they demand to know why, then if you give a reason, it isn't good enough because x-variables can be changed and y-characters can be different and I really ought to just give them a chance. I hate people that act entitled to roleplay with others. I should not have to explain my declination. Accept that I am not interested in roleplaying with you and move on.

Because of the last thing, which has happened so much that I've come to just ignore a lot of private messages if I look over a person's profile and the character doesn't immediately catch my interest, it burns the piss out of me when I am in my state of ignoring greetings from strangers and the person continues to message me. I have had a few different people persistently message every one of my characters I signed into asking for roleplay or wanting to "just talk" that I have been forced to reject them. Then even after that, they continued to message me as if they "forgot" that had already expressed that I had NO interest in them or their characters.

I swear I am wrapping it up with my complaints... >_> I just have a lot to complain about because I am a very complaint-addled person. Sometimes when I am in a scene, I put up the Do Not Disturb sign. Meaning, do not message me. Do not disturb me. I am busy with something. People that message me anyway-- or worse: people that send PUBs when seeing somebody on DND. Please stop. It's horrible and it makes me hate you. "Hey, I saw you were DND so I decided to send you a PUB instead! We should roleplay sometime!" Messages of that sort are one of the (many) fast-tracks onto my "I-Will-Never-Roleplay-With-You" list.

I will admit I am one of the people that abandons scenes/characters. But in my defence, I am actually terrified of confrontation and have a lot of trouble dealing with rejection (even if I am the one doing the rejecting). That paired with a crippling guilt complex (despite being so indirectly mean) makes it easier for me to just avoid all issues instead of talking them out. It's so bad that I've actually abandoned characters entirely because I was worried the person would come online and want to talk about the scene in which I no longer have any interest.

All of my peeves probably make me seem like an extremely picky and bitchy person, but that's who I am.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Fairin » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:16 am

being lied too

calling it a female character, then whiping out a huge cock bigger than i am.

people overly hatefull of vore, and furries

heavily religious rper's (had a friend that " found jesus " then furries and erp's are sins)

and ditching.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Rumor » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:11 pm

The ones already mentioned: ditching, people who don't take "No" for an answer, greetings and messages that get nowhere from strangers, not reading preferences, and one-liners.

And a few of my own...

-Characters who will be prey to any type of vore, but will only be the predator for oral. I mean, it makes sense that a character might only be capable of that, but it's a tad bit disappointing to see that. Mind, I don't get upset with these people, but I don't approach them.

-Getting poked instantly upon log-in. Not counting people I have pre-arranged scenes with, or good friends. Mostly directed at strangers and acquaintences. Lemme get situated at least before you tackle me!

-Being ignored and/or avoided. Like... not people accidentally missing messages or having Real Life™ come up. I'm talking about people who stop replying suddenly and keep playing with others, always have to suddenly go whenever I say hello, or make new alts after vanishing from the scene I was in (I'm quite good at identifying unlisted alts by the same person, provided the hints are all in place.) People, seriously, just tell me no or that you're not interested or whatever. Just be direct with me. I'll be a bit disappointed, since that's only natural, but not upset, and it avoids a heck of a lot of trouble for the both of us. ...seriously, this has gotten bad enough to the point I make sure to thank people who are up front and decline me. :|

-Similar to that, people who expect me to "get the hint". Whether trying to get me to realize they want a scene with me or want me to stop asking about a scene/stop talking to them. The latter especially bugs me because it comes across as a bit rude to me.

-"Pred only for friends." Not upset at these people, but not going to approach them. Doesn't help a lot of these characters are often ones I'd love to approach otherwise. :|

-People who add me to lists on their profile without asking. Especially since my profiles specifically say not to do so without asking.

-People who agree to specific kinks of mine and then only play lip-service to it, put it in a footnote in the last post, or leave it implied. I'd rather them just tell me no and we do the rest of the scene otherwise so that way I'm at least not disappointed.

-People who demand that I approach with fully fleshed out ideas, basically a plot summary of the scene with every detail already decided. If I was going to go through that much work to pre-plan a scene, I'd rather just write a story. (Mind, determining roles and such is fine.) By the same token, the occasional person who expects a scene to play out in a specific fashion every single time. These usually have how they want things to go on their profile.

-People who kink shame or rage at people in their profiles.

-Permanently WIP profiles. Like, I know everyone's going to continually update their profile. I'm talking about those that, when made, say something like "I'll write this later" or somesuch and then continue only display that for weeks/months/years/forever.

And ummm... yeah, that's probably it... probably. Not that most, if not all, of this is inherently wrong but it is stuff that bugs me. I've developed quite a list from being on the chat for so long it seems...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Zygrograxgra » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:40 am

People who know I don't like something, and then try to get me to do that. Happens constantly.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby ImNotAHipster » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:06 pm

When you go to the trouble of putting in some nice detail, and only get a couple of bare-bones lines or a simple reaction in return. Come on, if I'm gonna go to the bother of putting in detail for you, you could at least reciprocate!
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby CatriaFan24 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:23 pm

The only thing that bothers me is when a partner of mine is into something I dislike and make me do it or else they won't RP with me. Another thing I hate is the cliché "Partner doesn't respond to me for a while, like, a month" I lose amazing friends and partners from this.
To be honest the "Partner forcing me to do something." Doesn't bother me because I just suck it up and do it anyway.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby iorn » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:47 am

Mine is when my partner wants to role-play with me every second of every day. And gets mad at me when I log off....
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Sarbiton » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:24 pm

Wew lads let's begin.

Female profiles with 'Weight: *slaps*' or some variant of this, so the writer doesn't actually have to figure out how much they weight. Comes across as immature among other things.

Profiles that are a name with a selection of generic anime girls ripped straight from Gelbooru and given a flimsy personality to constitute a character. It can take about an hour of effort or less to make something that isn't bad and just pictures with a name above them.

A massive list of contrived OOC rules that you have to adhere to or get ignored on the spot. Like, some OOC clarification is absolutely fine and somewhat needed but a tightly constrained list of 50 things I have to do at all times whilst talking to you or else you'll ragequit over something small and pedantic is excessive. You know, it's fine, just ignore me anyway fam, I can deal.

Forms. Forms for every occasion. Phoenix form. Dragon form. Half angel form. Form that I took once at a wedding back last year. Form for- okay, chill. (Exception; legit and decently written shapeshifters)

'NO HUMANs/MALES EVER, WILL IGNORE IF YOU MESSAGE ME'. My main's a human male. If a character has a legitimate excuse to not desire male company (for instance, a drow matriarch who has been raised by her society to see men as below her at all times and refuses to sully her time with them) then it's all cool beans. What I'm talking about is people who just kinda don't like either humans or males and just wants lesbians 24/7 or something and throws a shitfit when one of them occupies the approximately near third dimensional space to them. (This goes for any overreacting 'NO' to anything; females, furries, that one extremely niche species I've never heard of; chill, yo).

Have you ever had this exchange? "Hi." "Hi" "How are you?" "Fine." "That's good." total goddamn silence - This person somehow expects you to carry the conversation by the good grace that they had the balls to message you first and won't reply until you somehow dredge it from the depths of the void. If you want to talk, then talk! But don't ask me how I am and wait for me to pick up your shit, use your words.

Adding -ess to anything to make it female. Stop butchering the english language, you cretinous cur.

This is more of a personal thing but if you have some beef with me, skirting around me and trying to faux-ignore me isn't a cool thing to do. Tell me you've got some problems and we'll resolve and talk about it.

More personal things; I've seen a few profiles that state clearly they have no interest in vore at all. I feel it kinda defeats the point of a vore-specific roleplay chatroom. Sure, people can definitely do non-vore stuff, but if you've got no interest in it at all, there are loads of websites that cater to quality roleplay that don't have fetishy elements. Or use discord or skype or whatever.

A minor thing; I make some characters who, for all intents and purposes, I want people to be cruel to. I want them eaten harshly, unfairly, and I make them vulnerable and weak and who get into situations where these responses can be expected from a meaner pred. And people coddle them and act cutesy with them instead. Like, goddamn, I want some of my characters to suffer! Help me out here. (I think I need help myself.)

As for things to bare in mind? I like easy to see formatting. Some bells and whistles but not many. Let me know what I need to know; who you are, what you want, and more importantly what you want from me when and if I'm gonna approach you. Communication is a huge deal and your profile is your face; I should be able to know what the whole deal is when I take a look. Even if it's a block of text saying 'this is what this character is intended for', actually, I do that, so I think it's a decent idea.

I probably can dig up more. I'll let you know.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby lalalalas » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:14 pm

Sarbiton wrote:A massive list of contrived OOC rules that you have to adhere to or get ignored on the spot. Like, some OOC clarification is absolutely fine and somewhat needed but a tightly constrained list of 50 things I have to do at all times whilst talking to you or else you'll ragequit over something small and pedantic is excessive. You know, it's fine, just ignore me anyway fam, I can deal.

Great post! I actually don't mind the ridiculous OOC rules lists appearing in 'Seeking Partner' threads. They are a great red flag for excessively touchy roleplayers.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby DreamDevourer » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:22 pm

When people have no preference sliders showing and instead they have some arbitrary text that says something like: "Into everything, just ask."
Only to then suddenly not be okay with the ONE thing you ask about doing. Also, and this is more me being nit picky than anything, but the whole imbalance between pred and prey numbers is a bit disheartening. I myself play a pred 90% of the time. But on those times when I am feeling more like a prey, I am not nearly as popular. For obvious reason. But still...
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Rumor » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:57 pm

I guess I'll have to add, especially since squad's notes about prey being more common than predators reminded me, but one thing that bothers me are all these prey-only/mostly folk who come to me, ask me to be the predator, but don't read my profiles, aren't flexible, and/or are not willing to indulge in anything I like. Ironically, it all seems to be from the super-submissive group who are rather pushy about getting what they want regardless if their predator gets it. It kinda sucks since I'd really like to play predator more than I do, but most of the time I feel like people approaching me just want someone matching the picture in my profiles to swallow them how they want regardless if I want to do it that way, and to do so quickly so they can get off, rather than play a legitimate scene I'd actually enjoy.

Kudos to the rest of you who are willing to work things out and make sure a scene will be as enjoyable as possible for both parties. Why can't I encounter you guys more often?

Some other things lately. Getting tired of people approaching and expecting me to shove a cock into them, vice versa, or similar overt sexual acts. I know this is a sexual fetish for a lot of people here, but my sliders say I don't care for typical sex stuff and am bad at writing it for a reason. I just want to do some noms or other character interactions that aren't precluded by sex or followed by masturbating preds/prey or whatever.

I guess I'm irked enough to bring up not reading profiles again in the same post. But really... had someone the other day ask if they could play with a submissive version of a very dominant character of mine. ...whose profile outright states that I'll never play her submissive because that'd defeat the point of why I play her.

And I suppose I'll add people with no ideas who approach me. I don't mean those who admit something like "I don't have anything at the moment, but I'm willing to talk something out", that's fine and it's something I do on occasion. I don't mean "how about our characters meet on a blind date?" since I do that to. I just mean the "I want you to eat me", "I want unbirth", "I dunno", and "I was hoping you'd have an idea" crowd. I'm not asking much, just gimmie something to work with, or be willing to help figure that out. Otherwise it just tells me you're not wanting to put effort into the scene.

Hmmmm... maybe I'm just feeling a bit bitter lately and am ranting more than posting pet peeves? I should probably get off my soap box before I get anymore carried away.
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