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Captured by Supers. That didn’t paint a very good picture. It made Evelyn seem like the bad guy. She wasn’t stupid, of course, she’d broken many, many laws hiding behind The Screenslaver, but she wasn’t trying to rob a bank or take over the world. She was just looking at the big picture.

She’d built the plan in a hurry, around her brother’s publicity stunt. Now that she had nothing but time to sit and think, she knew her mistake was be

I first saw Chelsey six months ago. While I’d had by membership card for Byrd’s Gym for at least six years by then, it was her first day. I still remember the way she strutted in, her walk all hips. She tapped a trainer on the shoulder and asked, “So hey, is there like, a snack table or something?”

Tall, thin, elegant, with abs of steel. None of these words were relevant to her unless you started out by saying ‘
she was not.

“And next up we have Jackie Belle as
League of Legends!

At their word, she emerged from behind the curtain to the sound of applause. Oh, she did like that. She held up the tiny

figure close. Her heart was bouncing in her chest.

The host smiled.

Hot water and
a hot meal. Otoha may have just found her new favourite thing. She
was one to enjoy many of life’s great pleasures, so this felt quite
monumental, small as it may have seemed.
The bathhouse sat on the edge of a
cliff, giving her a wonderful view of the whole village on top of
everything else. The hills rolled into the distance, great mounds on
which her kingdom was built. Rising from the bath just for a moment,
she smiled at the resemblance.
From the water rose the ends of

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Decided to remove the Christy and Mac series from here. There is plenty of 'cute and innocent' content to be found on the Portal, but I finally decided it didn't feel right having these stories alongside actual smut.

You can still find them on my DeviantArt, though, so no harm done.
(DA has plenty smut of it's own, but unlike Eka's, that's not the express purpose)

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Ahh, I saw that a little while ago, but I didn't realize I helped inspire it! Glad I could spark an idea, it's a really nice (and humorous) piece!


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No problem! And, what can I say? The two are an adorable pair!

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Aw, thanks a bunch! And what can I say? I just really like the show!

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Welcome. Glad you took the plunge to join. :)

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