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from TW Inc employee handbook:
In order to work in certain parts of TW Inc, specific psychological
requirements must be met. In some examples, persons who are into
larger women are profiled to work in some of our photography
departments, or perhaps a cook is actually a feeder. We try to place
everyone in a job they will love and can get other forms of enjoyment
from. We do not have any issue with fraternization with our customers
either. In fact, several marriages have occurred due to our

Darkworks swallowed hard in
nervousness, the noise a loud “ulp” in the darkness as he
approached club V. He had heard about this place and had finally
built up the courage to just come down and check it out. His
breathing was ragged as he saw the number of people coming and going
from the place, more coming than going of course.
He started across the street and
froze when the headlights of an oncoming car hit him, with a honk of
the horn he skedaddled across the rest of the road as the veh

request (Sorry Zed, I fixed the request grammar from the original.
Don't hate me!) : Actually, I'd love a random lil horror short where
a woman has been inseminated through means of your choice, but can't
get help and has to endure the supernatural speed of its growth...
preferably with loads of focus on her in the early stages and the
tummy-to-belly progression XD why? because I saw Prometheus and I
DEMMAND something well written after sitting though that!
note: While

sighed as she waited outside the gold gilded door of philanthropist
T. Watkins. Every once in a while she would moonlight for her Uncle
Leroy in his pest control shop  and today happened to be
one of those days. She
scratched her bare spherical belly, her cut off shorts and half shirt
doing nothing to hide her very pregnant looking figure. The name
patch on her shirt was stretched tight across her ever expanding
bosom, with several of the buttons straining to hold together w

The house groaned as the lone
college freshman walked up to it, giving a ghastly wail that seemed
to say "run, run away you foolish girl" yet she continued
to step forward. Rotting shutters swayed crazily in the air although
there was no wind, the blinds in the windows rolled up and down
without a single person to pull the draw string.
Halloween decorations littered the
yard, as did signs stating to keep out, no trespassing and
trespassers will be dealt with. Yet the blond strode ahea

"Damn you
Alexander. You don't understand what you did. You used the spell
Mirage put in the book and followed it to the letter, didn't you? You
followed unwaveringly, and now... " Theodore's voice trailed off
as Marlene cried out in pain from the thrashing within her womb, the
spell controlling her mind weakening from the pain ravaging her body.
Alexander watched in
rapt fascination, his aged visage taking in the groans of his
sorceress with what could only be described as glee. "

"Wha? Where am I?" Veender
struggled against unseen bonds, his eyes covered by a blindfold. He
could tell he was in a chair, a rather soft chair, it felt like a
recliner in fact. He could feel the tight bonds of some sort of rope
holding his arms behind his back and something similar around his
legs and feet, yet he was in a seated position.
"Hello?" He called out,
"Is anyone there?"
Silence met his reply, struggling
futilely against the bonds he tried to instead

Part 2.
Time passed, whether
it was days or months or years, Theodore had no clue. Food was
scarce, that is, until he managed to conjure a thin gruel with what
little power he could pool up. His body normally was able to heal
itself within hours, however that was when all the parts could
re-attach themselves, within a day after that he would be back to at
least half strength. However, with the runes on the walls and the
sealed door, nothing was getting in to him.
Only one working
lung did not h

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Seeing as how the last thing I uploaded was two years ago and I haven't updated ya'll via journal since March of last year..

Well here is the TL;DR My baby is here! A healthy baby girl has arrived in my house. Writing time is slim, but I am working on a few things! I miss all of you! I wish that YIM/AIM etc. were still around. Discord is nice, but I don't have the ability to be on it when I would like. Plus how do I find y'all? Discord places to hang out or chat with you are appreciated. Got to run, the amount of paperwork a new being creates is astronomical!

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