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Call me Chase, I'm the guy who earns his keep as a wing man by taking that fat friend who's in your way and making her feel beautiful ^_^

...although it helps not to call her "fat friend."
One of the subtle things you pick up on duty.

I'm a "belly by and means necessary" kind of guy and stick exclusively to females. I dig weight gain, stuffing, pregnancy, and of course vore. I literally have no preference on what type of vore it is so long as it ends with a nice big belly. Seriously, you could eat farts with your ears for all I care. It's the ends for me, not the means.

I'm currently doing a multichapter ongoing webcomic which will hopefully showcase all sorts of vore including the stuff I myself don't go for, so feel free to give me input and feedback. Hope you enjoy the art! ;3

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Not a huge deal or anything, but my cat accidentally deleted my latest issue of the comic. D:
It was my fault for not saving, but I got angry and shook her face. She misinterpreted the gesture and slept in my lap...


Kinda hard to stay mad at that.

Might upload the next chapter in parts so I can just go ahead and get something posted. Stick around though, I promise not much longer.

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Posted by Done25 2 years ago Report

A shame you're never around anymore. Hope you're doing okay!


Posted by beth4444 2 years ago Report

Will you even continue your comics?


Posted by Finetti 4 years ago Report

Are you ok? I just found your Dragon Stones comic and fell in love.


Posted by chaotic123 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Ichasechubbies

You ok

It's just that you haven't put any more work on the comic up lately


Posted by joe354 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Ichasechubbies

No prob. Funny, serious and awesome comic by the way.


Posted by AndrogynousDragon 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Ichasechubbies

Welcome. I've enjoyed them. ^^


Posted by vmoartet 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Ichasechubbies

Just glad to know you're still alive! :D


Posted by vmoartet 6 years ago Report

Hmm... you've been missing for a while. Hope everything is okay!


Posted by darkninja 6 years ago Report

any E.T.A on when the next dragon stone comic will be up?


Posted by chaotic123 7 years ago Report

when will you continue with the call of the dragon stone


Posted by vmoartet 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Ichasechubbies

No, you're not allowed to see a picture of your own character! Silly goose.


Posted by vmoartet 7 years ago Report

Is it cool if I take a crack at drawing Salis? She's definitely my favorite character in Call of the Dragon Stones. :)

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