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Im switching from USD to EURO
and that counts for my commissions as well.This will mean higher prices for you.
I was hoping it won't come to this but through just the last year the USD dropped drastically and now
Im losing almost a quarter of every single purchase what in the end builds up to a lot. With setting the prices to EURO
Hoping to get back to the income that I received before a year.
As soon as USD gets back its stability I will go back selling in USD.

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Posted by Noeman 2 weeks ago Report

k bought the comx mix pack finally, got a few criticisms, tho all subjective obviously

Most important is lack of significant post-digestion WG in most of them. Seeing full stretched stomachs is only fun if you get to see how thick it makes the pred later, thighs, ass, arms etc, ain't saying to make them look like an actual obese person but their proportions usually end up staying almost the same

these are even more subjective but too much F/F smut almost no F/M, ik alot of people prefer that but it does get kinda old, and finally there's a lotta shit primarily featuring your ocs and lore and all and that's cool, but some people aren't really clued into all that stuff

but as I said all subjective, still good art


Posted by lunchymunchies 2 weeks ago Report

Will you ever do commissions again?


Posted by DemHoundDays 3 weeks ago Report

Happy new year Big guy :3 I wish you the best, and I hope you'll keep up the awesome work for yet another year.


Posted by JamKat 1 month ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Alice3hoping 1 month ago Report

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Cool. Looking forward to it.


Posted by Alice3hoping 1 month ago Report

Hey good work there. Still, cannot help but notice there are several of the comics with some unfinished pages. Stuff like seras and integra, the battle for Annie behind the scenes, and a few others are missing parts, but I hope that we might see them finished at some point. All that said, keep it up.


Posted by justheretobehere 2 months ago Report

Wonderful work <3
Idk how you manage to make such realistic situations!


Posted by MustacheMann 2 months ago Report

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❤ legit perfect at your work ❤


Posted by MustacheMann 3 months ago Report

Absolutely love your work keep being amazing and awesome ❤


Posted by Bastardm8 3 months ago Report

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Can you post your male stuff somewhere where its easier to access? Your FA profile says you plan on posting male stuff on there but I've found new male stuff that isnt posted on your FA


Posted by Bunnylock 3 months ago Report

Keep trying


Posted by EnderDracolich 3 months ago Report

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Oh? I didn't realize that TBH, you draw it super well.

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