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Im switching from USD to EURO
and that counts for my commissions as well.This will mean higher prices for you.
I was hoping it won't come to this but through just the last year the USD dropped drastically and now
Im losing almost a quarter of every single purchase what in the end builds up to a lot. With setting the prices to EURO
Hoping to get back to the income that I received before a year.
As soon as USD gets back its stability I will go back selling in USD.

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Posted by BellyOfTheWubblies 2 hours ago

Hey, saw you're opening comms soon and went to check your prices, but it says the page linked in your comm status doesn't exist. Anywhere else I should look?


Posted by JCA 5 days ago

Your art is very nice ! I love your coloration technic ! :)


Posted by 0kc0mputer 2 weeks ago

holy shit your works honestly increddible my dude


Posted by Rockinrod2 3 weeks ago

Will we by chance get to see some stuff with Harley Quinn


Posted by Callen 1 month ago

<< Reply To BIGBIG

cool well at least theres a chance


Posted by Callen 1 month ago

hey big big do you think youll ever post jills mom for free?


Posted by Okioppai 1 month ago

love your stuff matey glad to follow you here as well =v=b Hopefully you see more of my lewd stuff here in comparison to deviantart heh


Posted by CassyInko 1 month ago

Helllooo Bigbig! Thanks a ton for the watch! :D


Posted by Callen 3 months ago

<< Reply To BIGBIG

thats a shame but i understand


Posted by Callen 3 months ago

hey BIGBIG when you gonna finish the quest?


Posted by anonymousexperiment 3 months ago

How would you feel about other people writing stories set in the PTG universe and crediting you?

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