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Im switching from USD to EURO
and that counts for my commissions as well.This will mean higher prices for you.
I was hoping it won't come to this but through just the last year the USD dropped drastically and now
Im losing almost a quarter of every single purchase what in the end builds up to a lot. With setting the prices to EURO
Hoping to get back to the income that I received before a year.
As soon as USD gets back its stability I will go back selling in USD.

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Posted by megabite10 1 month ago

Hi i would like to aske you if you do comision and if you do send me a text on my discord



Posted by Delt 1 month ago

You should save some streams on Picarto as videos

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Posted by Rockinrod2 1 month ago

Have you thought of using kale or caulifla from dragon ball super in your work?


Posted by ImmortalNutcase 3 months ago

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Posted by ImmortalNutcase 3 months ago

Were you aware that your style of characters bears a strong resemblance to the "Venus figurines" that trace back to the stone age? Thought you might find that cool.


Posted by Callen 4 months ago

Hey BigBig earlier today it came to my attention that a person I follow Here on ekas portal got scammed and I was hoping you could help spread the word to let people know to be careful as to who they give there money out to and why


Posted by JamCat 4 months ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by Wolfknight130 7 months ago

I bought Hungry Mistress but it's not opening on my laptop. The other ones I purchased seem to work but I don't know why this one is different. Any help would be appreciated.

I try to open it via internet explorer and it just flashes up but instantly closes.

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Posted by voredrawing 8 months ago

Is there anyway people can watch your livestreams BIGBIG after you've finished it? :3


Posted by tangent 9 months ago

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thanks man <3


Posted by Callen 10 months ago

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great thanks for the heads up

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