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Switching from USD to EURO Posted 4 years ago
Im switching from USD to EURO
and that counts for my commissions as well.This will mean higher prices for you.
I was hoping it won't come to this but through just the last year the USD dropped drastically and now
Im losing almost a quarter of every single purchase what in the end builds up to a lot. With setting the prices to EURO
Hoping to get back to the income that I received before a year.
As soon as USD gets back its stability I will go back selling in USD.
TO DO LIST Posted 4 years ago
No commissions here
This list is to organize myself better and to let you all guys know what is coming next
Through these project there might be some single illustrations here and there

The following might not be posted and worked on in the same order as below

--- (random illustration) "Lost?" ___________________________FINISHED (F/multiple prey) >>>
--- Contest entry for LoQO _______________________________FINISHED (F/multiple prey) >>>
--- Zuzana's Advebtures part1 for...
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I LIVE AGAIN and Vore Mix Pack 4 is OUT Posted 4 years ago
Im finally back.
The last two months where really busy for me (a good busy)
I struggled to find the time to finally finish this new pack. but its finally here!
Now I can focus on other projects. I have around 8 comics in works (sketch phase) and hopefully Ill be able to get to them ASAP
Also want to get back to the project "Zuzana's Adventures" So stay tuned! There might be a few busy weeks ahead of me
but over all Ill be able to work more on VORE ARTS from now on!!! hopefully ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

NOW the 4th PACK! <<<<THERE

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Our trash Posted 6 years ago
I dont usualy do blogs like this but considering i have a rather healthy amount of followers i grab the chance and post a video about our trash

just take a look at this video (warning strong guts needed)
An entier sraw stuck up a sea turtles nose

that straw was thrown in to the ocean by a human or taken in to the ocean with the wind or a canalization from a city or whatever place
My brother throws his trash along side the road or wherever he is right at the moment just because he is lazy to atleast take that little efort and
store his trash inside his pockets or idk where to borrow that stuff and throw it in...
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VORE MORPH (need some atention!) Posted 7 years ago
hey guys .. so a while back i created a morp from an image over at da ... i asked the ovner (right now a pregnant stuffer) if she is ok with uploading it to her account ..

so she uploaded just didnt get that much atention ...
Go over there and gie her some views and faves if you can xD
shes not in to vore and because of that would be awsome if maybe some more people coment on that image or what ever to make her feel more confortable with vore and such ... you know xD

here it is ---> ... -461286843
The Great Dictator ! Posted 7 years ago
I grab the chance that i got many followers and upload somthing else ... not just vore (working on my projects and commissions)
Ask Zuzana (Question and Answer blog) Posted 7 years ago
Hi guys ... i was choosen by leshawk( to do a Question and Answer blog and ofcourse i choose Zuzana who is gona be questioned x3

dont exspect too much from me xD because my english sucks and my gramar is even more horrible ... but i m gona try

she already have some simple questions prepared but if you would like to know more about her Zuzana then write it down !!! but please just questions here !!!
To my Commissioners Posted 7 years ago
i just want to let you know that i m alive and soon will move on to all of the commissions ... things just moving a littlebit slower with me right now ... trying to get back my drawing frenzy o.o
My time has come ... I ... M ... BACK !!!! Posted 8 years ago

All embrace me
It's my time to rule at last
four months have I been waiting
To sit upon my throne

No allegiance
I will swear no oath
Crowned by God not by the church
As my power is divine

They throught I was too young to rule the land
Just as they failed to understand
Born to rule
My time has come !!!
News Posted 8 years ago
OY gals and dudes

I got some news about how long it gona take until i can start to upload evry day atleast 1 image like I did sometime ago :) and its preaty near if i get enough luck to do all my exams
so wish me good luck because next week i got all my remaining exams ... thats total 4 and 2 from it are preaty important and hard also o.o
the last one is gona be on Wednesday and after that i m gona be totaly free :)

summer is here and she is preaty hungry ;)

the plans are the folowing
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