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Should I Raise My Prices?

Posted by saintheartwing 3 years ago


This is a serious question. I often work quite a bit on commissions lately, and I feel in some ways like I should charge a bit more for my effort. Especially when I'm putting out stuff that's about 5000-6000 words for some people and only getting 23.87 in Paypal money (darn those processing fees). I've always tried to keep my prices low so that people can afford good stories, and insisted only on payment when I've got at least 1000 or so words of written work to show. So what should I do? Should I keep my prices? Raise them up? If so, how much?
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Posted by tkdigiboy 3 years ago Report

as someone who has payed for stories from you, maybe add different amounts for different amount of words. ex: keep $15-20 for stories up to 1-3000. $25 for 3-5k, and anything higher $30

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Posted by Mysterious1 3 years ago Report

I have to agree with him. The stories you make are amazing and I love the ones you made for me so I would honestly think about raising prices.

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Posted by C107galaxytachyon 3 years ago Report

Well, honestly, I really think that'd be reasonable as long as you don't jack them up to prices other writers are already charging. Nothing personal, but I'd hardly be surprised if many fans of yours flocked to other outlets after the fact that give better quality work per dollar (don't ask me, though; I've only been able to afford yours since I'm struggling to find any forms of employment right now.) I just find it annoying when they list their rates as 'X amount of money' for 'Y pages', rather than the average word count. Again, what's most important here is that you keep your prices competitive enough to still encourage people to come back here. That doesn't mean you shouldn't raise your prices: just be aware that you'll probably get less commissions on average if you do.

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