Giantess eats a dude

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Bit of animation I did experimenting with the latest version of Animestudio

First Person Unbirth view

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Quick animation I made with the Character from Feed My Kittteh

What you see from his point of view XD


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Quicky animation I made with the girl from Omnomnom on the beach.


Muff diving.  For REALZ XD

Poptart Adventure Demo ver. 1.1

A demo to my game "Poptart Adventure", containing micro/macro scenes, sex, smothering, and vore.

Currently, only 1/4th of the game is complete, and a lot of the images are placeholders, but it is fully functional for what it is.

Requires ability to launch RPG Maker VX Ace games to play.

See here for discussion


Men In Black 1 - Edgar / Bug Vore Scene

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Here's a little vore scene from the movie Men In Black where the alien bug, Edgar (Who he takes the form of) is intervened by a puny little man and decides to have a little snack on the way ;) I do rather love the neck bulging K makes in the bug's neck <_<;  Uh let's see...the actual vore itself is a minute in, but there's a bit at the start where Edgar gulps down a pair of guns and makes bulges in the neck!

Land of the lost T-Rex vore clip.

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Part from movie where T-rex swallows Will Ferrell's character after it does it gets chewed out by his girlfiend only to blow her off and, walk away sorry for the poor quality. 

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