Braindead 13 Vore Death scenes

Braindead 13 Vore Death scenes


Edited and re-pasted together from the 99 ways to die 3 parter of this game on youtube, using FFmpeg.

The game's plot revolved around you being a teenage computer wiz who is forced to fight for his life after making a self referencing joke regarding video games, which turns out to be the reality of the situation(specifically the evil brain wanting world domination). The gameplay is basically Dragon's lair style, full of Quick time events. Apologize for the bit of french voice over in one scene as I could not find that particular scene in the original 3 parter.

Almost all vore is soft in nature, though there are at least 2 cases of dismemberment, the first is not very graphic and the second features no blood regardless.


the snake one is missing o.o

My apologies, I don't remember that particular death and I could not find it in the video montages I searched.

Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I may upload it if no one else does, but the clip seems rather short, and not worth doing alone.