Brothers Grimsby elephant unbirth scene

Brothers Grimsby elephant unbirth scene


This is a scene from Brothers grimsby where the two main characters hide inside an elephants snatch after being chased by goons. Before they can get out a male turns up and starts having sex while they are still inside.


0_0   uh...still a better love story than Twilight right?  ..heh...heh...

"Because Jim Carrey coming out of a hole in a robot rhino's behind isn't gross enough!" Well, at least it accurately portrayed my reaction to seeing this horrid scene... Also, it's grossly mis-tagged. Not a single "female prey" in sight.

"...Hakuna Matata..." :)



I dont know if it was a deleted scene or how it was but, i think that elephant had sex several more times (different males) before they managed to escape. Also funny how this wound up serving a purpose later in the plot.

wow =0




This what the rhino scene in Ace Ventura could have been but Jim Carrey was better than that.

It took Sacha Baron Cohen to drag it down to this level.

I wish this would've shown them getting in, but it was pretty great either way.

The quality on this is pretty high actually