E-Zvore - Gts F/M Oral Vore soft

E-Zvore - Gts F/M Oral Vore soft


First video: GTS F/M oral soft, shrinking, including toy use and sexual content.

Second video: Claymation F/? Human and furry, but vore is at most implied, not in actual screen.



1st video was absolutely the best vore video i've seen. if only it were as long as the second :)

Wow!!! I love video.

the first one is basicly my fantisy >.< i wish i was that guy =P

the first 1 looked like it was fun for the women and the guy. nice.

First video was the best vore video Ive ever seen

that first one was fantastic. haven't enjoyed a vore like that in a long time

i cant describe the 1st one other than say just wow !!!!!!!!

That 1st video is the best vore video I have ever seen in my life thus far.

mine too

The animations, the music, the story, the entire thing is brilliant... like nothing I've ever seen!

yeah how do you makes that video with the man and women

best thing i have ever seen for compuer animation. please make the exact same thing with bigger boobs and AV!!

what program do u use? to make the girl and stuff?