Eskoz Unbirth Giantess

Eskoz Unbirth Giantess


Not done by me, found it from another sitte. The author's Eskoz.


oh to be that tiny, get pushed so far in that you can't get out, and drown in her pussy juice. that'd be a wonderful way to die

What a sexy girl, I would cock vore her if I saw her sexy body! ;)

Maybe I'm blind, but I just see a girl masturbating. And while I'm quite happy about seeing that, I don't see any prey.

anyone remembers his blogspot? i cant find it anymore was is

Oh, this is just wonderful! Shame there isn't any more.

Well, since Eskoz already did a vore one from both the outside and inside, it's really only a matter of time till we see this one from the tiny's point of view, possibly even extended to give a better sense of the scenario.