Jurassic World (?/?F)

Jurassic World (?/?F)


Clip from this summer's /Jurassic World/ of Zara Young being snatched away before being eaten whole by a mosasaur. Young was portrayed by Katie McGrath, whom has stated in interviews she found filming her death scene to be exciting. Only time will tell if she'll consider more vore scenes in the future.


Looking back, this scene was needlessly cruel. Zara didn't deserve to go out like that. :(

The worst part was that the director expected the audience to think it was cool.  Then later Claire starts kissing the protagonist and we're expected to forget it ever happened. 

I think that was the idea, honestly. It WAS needlessly cruel, but that's what happens when dinosaurs are let loose. For the FOURTH time. XP I'd say the way Samuel L. Jackson's character went out was needlessly cruel, too. He needs that arm for shooting snakes on a plane! XD

? / ?/F should be F/F/F all the dinos in jurrsic park are female