Koutetsu no Majo Annerose - 04

Koutetsu no Majo Annerose - 04


Heh I bet some of you missed me XD. So I'm back with another upload. This comes from a hentai that just came out yesterday. I had been looking forward to it since tentacles hentai seems to be falling out of style and wouldn't I know it, that is came with a side dish of vore. We are still a long ways from human on human soft vore in hentai with f/f but until then we'll take what we can get.

Now originally I was going to upload a higher quality file, but the size came out to 143 mb which was above the limit for this site. So instead you'll have to get norm quality version which will probably come out crappy on this site. I suck with this upload vid stuff apparently. Anyways I editted this one myself as most of the time I do, and hope you guys enjoy. If I can do another one or two I might since I'm for a pm. 

Also to answer some questions, no there aren't any other vore scenes in this hentai series as far as I know; this only had vore since it was a "bad end" hentai. 


Man, she was the only reason I was watching this show. 

I believe this is a case of oddly hot. Wish that it hadn't eaten her heart or lungs so she'd be conscious (if blissed out) while being digested.


Also, feels like they could have done more, such as the monster eating out multiple girls then swallowing them.

How I would of loved that. MMmm could imagine it now, but unfortunately the hentai isn't based around vore or else that would of been that case. It came so close to it though sigh. Two of the other female characters come in to try and stop it and the villain is ready to use the monster on them as well but a different villainess says to "torture them differently.The rest of the hentai sucked for me.

Well this certainly gives new meaning to the term "eating out" :V

Most definitely.I've know of biting, but this takes it to a whole new level lol.

wonder if there is a subbed version lol

Probably not for a month or 3. Depends on how much people like it and if the fans fandub it.

lol hopefully there will be more to it cause that is a mix of hard and soft vore xD

Unlikely since this is a bad end which means the series will end this way. Most likely anyways. There's always a chance I suppose.

yea unless the extend the whole getting those jewel things whatever they are

Is there an uncensored version?

Not yet. This hentai just came out like a day ago.

Hmm interesting scene ^^ it is a shame vore in hentai/anime is so rare. Thanks for the upload!

No prob. Glad you enjoy.

Clearly, the victim is eaten, but do you ever see her get digested? 

Thank you for posting the video. I too enjoy tentacles.

I am surprised there are no more scenes. Does this mean the monster is somehow defeated?

No you never seen her digested, but it is more than implied. I mean aside from the sounds suggesting crunching, the fact that she is dead, and that one the tentacles previously apparently ate her innards away for that stone looking thing; there wouldn't be any logical reason for her to be kept alive. Add in the fact that this is a bad end episode and so there won't be another after helps to strengthen my opinion on it.

And no the monster isn't defeated. "Bad ends" in hentai and anime usually involve the bad guy winning and good guy losing. This scene is the only one the monster is actively used in.

I realize 'bad end hentai' means the good guy losing and the bad guy winning. I was hoping in this hentai, the true winner is the man in white. This way the incredibly exotic 'plant' is eventually  defeated. If he lives or better yet never loses and the plant somehow is defeated by him, then this hentai would definitely still have a 'bad end'.

The thing I find intriguing is there are two basic types of endings: good and bad. While I have certainly seen horror movies where the hero triumphs, and then they find out the villain lives, I have yet to see a movie where the hero survives after the villain triumphs. In the first scenario, at first, I think it is a good ending, only afterwards I find out it is not so good. In the second scenario it is the first scenario in reverse. It is possible I have seen a series depicting the second scenario, but I doubt it.

Please feel free to tell me the exception to this rule.