Legend of the Overfiend Drider

Legend of the Overfiend Drider


This is a really damn good vore scene from another of the later Legend of the Overfiend animated movies


been trying to find this scene but no luck. any links or sites which i can find it?

So is that guy a main character or just a random demon guy? Just wondering if he got spit out later or not.

I did some looking around and I discovered that this scene is actually from a weary short animated spin of series from the first movie titles Return of the Overfiend and it happened in the first episode but sadly we do not see the sexy Bug Lady vore any other people

I don't know I have not seen the movie but I really want to

Naa don't waste your time I have the spin off seeres and it is mostly cut down and you would be lucky to get an un cut version to be quite honest only the 3 main moveis are ok but this spin off is kind of boring and there is hardly no vore in it only this and an absorption clip but it was cut.