Men in Black 2 Serleena Vore Scene

Men in Black 2 Serleena Vore Scene


I can't believe that this scene has not bin uploaded to the site yet because in my option it is one of the best vore scenes ever made and one of the main reasons that I got into vore in the first place enjoy


Yeah, fine done!

What I need now is a HD version of "Grim praerie fairy tales" (or so) - the vacuum vagina.

And a HD version of the music video "Miserable" by Lit. And it would be great to add some sucking/gulping sounds here.


It's been uploaded here already on 1/18/2006, currently on page 32. Regardless this is still a nice scene to see.  Especially in this nicer quality =)

I think it may have not been on this site yet because of copyright reasons. Videos of the same scene are constantly taken down on Youtube for copyright reasons. It is a great scene though.

Thanks I really hope that the scene IL stay this time and I also really fish that our video driver way better because the video that I uploaded was in way way way better quality then this is and fun fac I first saw this scene on my 15th birthday witch was 12 years ago today life is awesome sometimes and by the way here is a link to the HD version of the video that I used enjoy