Preview of Shinshoku Gakuen: xx of the Dead

Preview of Shinshoku Gakuen: xx of the Dead


Found a preview of what looks to be a vore-centered hentai animation and thought people here would be interested.


I aready watch that. Its wasn't that vore....


(Only the gaint *worm*.)

So is it out yet?


download and post it here if you can 

Why do I get the feeling that this might be a NTR type of Hen-Tie?

Wonder if it'll be possible to find on J-list...

For the first half of this i was like 'why is this on eka's? sure it's got tentacles i guess but WHAAAAAAAA!?' those vore scenes look wonderful, counting down the days til 28th. all four of them xD

Unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit longer than that.  The release date is 4/28, so April.

I really hope someone will subtitle this almost as soon as it is released.~

Edit:  Found one with spanish subtitles, and I don't know how to read spanish.  Now I hope an english subtitled version comes next.  And no, I can not learn another language at this point, I'm over 30 and I can only learn simple phrases in another language for only a short amount of time.

Its an interesting looking one. Will have to watch it when its out...though I wonder where might be good.

Where did you find this? and when is it supposed to come out do you know?

Found it on a hentai streaming site I use fairly often, and the release date was at the end of the video, April 28th.

What streaming service was it?