Waf-Ful Vore

Waf-Ful Vore


So, make sure you're not some flavored filling walking around, or you might be the Waffle Pred's next prey.

(Couldn't find Eggo's Waf-Ful Apple Cinommon Filling commercial. Sorry.)


Wow, I remember seeing these as a kid! Thanks for uploading.

Almost forgot about these! Shit, these things might have been my first exposure to vore ever!

sheeesh its about time someone added these! I was wondering why it was taking so long! XD

If you took even a few minutes to browse under the videos already uploaded, you would realize this is probably the second or even third time its been uploaded.

The Apple Cinnamon commercial does not even exist unfortunately :(

Wish someone could make the Apple Cinnamon animation that Eggo never did.